Electrosmog Protection

We live in a world that looks completely different than it did just twenty or thirty years ago! That statement will send so many different thoughts running through your head but I’m guessing you all have one thing in common the wireless internet that drives us inexorably into a world dominated by social media. But what if sexting, grooming and nervous breakdowns are not the largest negative effect of the internet. What if it’s the technology that powers the connectivity and not the connectivity itself that’s the problem. Have you ever stopped to think if it’s the zillions of pulsed microwave radiation signals entering your body that are making you unwell?

What is Electrosmog?

Electrosmog is a popular term recenlty coined to refer to the numerous microwave radiation signals blanketing the planet. When people talk of Electrosmog they could be referring to the WiFi signals that are seemingly everywhere. Or perhaps they are referring to the high frequency cell phone data signals being pulsed out of a tower near you.

Electrosmog Meters

Before you can protect against electrosmog you first need to detect it. We have a range of EMF Detectors that can help!

Acousticom 2 Electrosmog Detector
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Electrosmog Bed Canopies

If you have EMF in the form of high-frequency radio waves in your bedroom it will be detrimental to your natural sleep patterns and therefore bad for your health. Our range of EMF Bed Canopies can help you sleep better and feel better and offer great electrosmog protection!

Electrosmog Protection Clothing

EMF protection clothing is a great and easy way to protect yourself from harmful microwave radiation caused by Electrosmog.

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EMF Paint
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Anti Electrosmog Paint

Our phone radiation protection Blocpaint is waterbased carbon EMF Paint which is ideal for shielding your home. It is incredibly effective and an easy electrosmog protection method.