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EMF Hoodie

 I think the hoodie offers the best value for money, covering the majority of the brain, surrounding the heart and lungs and offering the largest overall amount of skin coverage of all the electrosensitivity protective clothing range I offer and it repeatedly scores top marks among the electrosensitivity community.

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Electrosensitive Snood

The ultimate Christmas present for your Electrosensitive friends. Our Electrosensitive Snood in Christmas outer fabric using our Bloclothing emf protection

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EMF shielding clothing

What I want to do here is provide some recent history so that you can decide if you should consider wearing EMF clothing?  Let’s stop and think for a moment?  Suddenly, we are all wireless, it happened slowly at first.

Wireless creep

In the eighties (first tested in the 70’s) those brick phones arrived, I know I had one!  Yes, I was a yuppie!  Fast forward to the 1990’s more people could call each other whilst they were out. Mostly these people were in business and or tradespeople.

By the late 90’s though everybody had a cell phone and now you could send each other messages.  During the noughties, the smartphones invaded our lives in tandem with social media.

Now we have smart everything, TV’s fridges, heating systems, electricity meters.  Artificial intelligence is beginning to rule our lives.  I don’t know where it will all stop, do you?

Profit before Health

My concern is this, the corporations developing this technology have no interest in potential health affects of the products they sell.  Which has led us to this crazy place where we have to consider wearing EMF protective clothing.

They don’t even pretend to be interested in this side of their extremely profitable coin.  Why aren’t they?

Let me supply an anonymous quote from a senior wireless industry representative.  For context, I can say where this quote was made.  It was said during a meeting between scientists concerned for the worlds health and several high-level employees from the wireless industry at European Commission level.

During a belligerent exchange between the two sides, a suggestion was made.  The concerned scientist having had all his more stringent health concerns ignored or ridiculed made a last-ditch attempt for sanity.  Please, then can we have buttons and information on broadband wireless routers encouraging users to turn off at night?

Industry representatives replied with this stunning admission.  “Categorically no, we cannot do anything that might cause concerns within the general population regarding health and wireless transmissions.”  When asked by his opposition, why not.  He made this frightening statement.  “If the public are made aware of this, it could crash the world economy.”  There you have the explanation to so many questions. Your reaction could be, learn more and put on your EMF protective clothing.

The Public needs to know

Maybe this is the reason governments are completely silent on it?  How come the wireless industry is not challenged on health the way big tobacco was and is? Is this why big wireless is free of the hassle that Petro chemical companies have faced.  Why are there no warnings on phones as with cigarette packets and wine bottles?  The answer, it might not just damage some rather big corporate bottom lines, but there is fear it could lead to worldwide economic collapse!

What can I do about it?

You guessed right he is going to say wear EMF clothing whenever you can!

Why am I telling you all this? I do want to get the message out there, to get people talking.  Only the people can stop this.  The first thing I did to help me understand wireless radiation was to get a EMF Meter that made it tangible

This site though isn’t just about information, it’s about solutions to the information you have just discovered.  Yes, we sell EMF shielding products and there are plenty on this site to shield your environment from EMF pollution.  This though is about EMF clothing.  You can shield your home from wireless EMF, but what about work, the office or importantly school?  You’re probably right, if you march into work and start turning off the broadband router and colleagues’ smartphones, they might call the police or paramedics but what else can you do?

One common theme that runs through modern medicine is confusion.  My theory lays this confusion down at the door of EMF ignorance.  Think about it if the medical profession had ignored or been blinded by big tobacco the way they ignore EMF (having been blinded by big mobile), we would all still be confused by ever increasing heart attack, emphysema and lung cancer rates.  The medical profession largely has no answer for ever-increasing levels of CFS, ME, Atrial Fibrillation or infertility. (check this report on EMF and male fertility before you dismiss EMF protection boxer shorts). Will we discover in the next ten years it was all down to wireless EMF?  I think so!

You can though, limit EMF access to your vital organs.  Reduce the levels of biologically active EMF pollution from entering your Liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs with EMF clothing such as a hoodie or T-shirt.  Protect vital reproduction biology with EMF protective underwear.  You might even get away with sneaking a Y-Fry bag on your office broadband router. find out more about Electrosmog protection and Electrosensitivity