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Dome Shaped Bed Canopy


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Product description

The Dome Shaped Bed Canopy is an EMF protection faraday cage bed made of shielding breathable fabric to protect you against radiation and allow for comfortable sleep conditions. The canopy made of Swiss-Shield Ultima or Naturell ® fabric is our natural solution for the screening of high frequency from your sleeping place. However, if you are inundated with wi-fi networks or cell tower radiation at very close proximity, you will probably require something stronger so you can opt for our canopy made of Blocsilver fabric.  If you are wanting the best for you and your family in terms of healthy, restorative sleep, then we will help you choose the canopy that is right for you to achieve the best conditions for peaceful and healthy sleep.


Quick Easy Installation

All canopies are made in the UK, and come with everything you need to assemble in as quickly as only a couple of minutes. They suspend from the ceiling with the use of a screw fix hook, simple and easy-to-use. We provide tension sprung wired hoops that feed through the tunnel that runs the circumference of the roof.  All domes come with a door.

Wide Ranging Protection

Attenuation: 10MHz – 3GHz 35-60dB shielding range: 10MHz~3GHz.

Shielding Report