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I wanted to write an emf bed canopy FAQ to help you decide whether or not emf protection bed canopies are the way to go for you! You can find our range of EMF Bed Canopies here


Do emf protection bed canopies work?
Absolutely, but you need to pick the right one and be patient.
How do I pick the right one for my problem?
Firstly choose between grounded (externally metalised) canopies and none grounded (internally metalised ie Swiss Shield canopies). see the blog on to ground or not to ground Secondly identify the frequency of the emf source you’re protecting from.  For example traditional: cell tower/phone mats =900-1800 MHz:  3G and older wifi routers = 2400 MHz:  4G = 800 MHz:  modern wifi routers = 5000 MHz:  5G = 800-2400MHz
What shape should I buy?
The four-poster looks better in the day (tied back) than the box or dome. Both the Swiss shield four poster blocanopy and the blocanopy box emf protection bed canopies are much easier to live with than the blocanopy emf protection dome bed canopy.  They are easier to get in and out of.  After a while, it just seems normal with a box-shaped emf bed canopy.  Importantly air exchange (breathability) is better in the four poster or box-shaped emf protection canopies.  The dome-shaped emf protection bed canopy is much easier to put up and cheaper than the box or four-poster emf bed canopies.
How do I test its working?
We have a great video on this coming soon!
Can I send it back?
Yes as long as the emf protection bed canopy is undamaged and unwashed and not soiled in any way, you can send it back within 30 days.
what's the guarantee?
2 years like for like replacement subject to any issue not being “self-inflicted” ie tears due to misuse or not following washing instructions
Can I wash it?
Yes it comes with washing instructions
How long will it last
Up to 30 washes
Is it hard to put up
The dome couldn’t be easier but the box and four posters need 30 minutes and patience.  They come with comprehensive instructions.
Where do I get technical help
Feel free to email any questions to info@wireless-protection.org

We hope this FAQ section has helped answer your questions. You can find our EMF bed canopy here




As a former telecoms consultant, I know how to make wireless networks work. In 2004, I quickly became aware I needed to learn how to make them stop.
During 2004, my 11-year-old daughter Hannah was affected by cell phone antenna on the roof of her new school building and cell phone tower radiation from a phone mast nearby, so a journey began for me – initially as a campaign for health & safety. Soon though, the reality that the worlds desire for profit and gadgets had already formed a tidal wave that looked unstoppable.

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