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EMF Meters & Detectors

We stock some of the top EMF/RF meters in the industry to help you measure potentially harmful EMFs & microwave radiation in your environment.

What Are EMF Meters?

EMF meters are used to identify the presence of electromagnetic fields, called EMFs, within a given environment.

While some EMF frequencies have always existed naturally, in the last 30 years levels of man-made EMF radiation have grown exponentially, with many concerned about the potential health impacts caused by this.

EMF detectors can range in function, allowing users to detect various electromagnetic frequencies, either to gain an understanding of the levels of radiation around them or as part of a shielding project.

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What Does an Electromagnetic Field Meter Measure?

EMF/RF radiation can be divided into two types, ionizing and non-ionising.

Ionizing EMF radiation can come from radioactive sources, alongside X-rays and UV light. This radiation is recognised as dangerous worldwide, causing cellular damage and serious medical issues over time. In the UK, our exposure to ionizing radiation is strictly limited by law.

Non-ionising radiation however is all around us and is not subject to the same legal limitations. Sources of Non-ionising EMF include power lines, cell phone towers, and electrical items in the home.

While these forms of EMF do not pose the same immediate health risks as ionizing radiation, concern has been growing for decades about their effects on the human body.

They have been linked with a huge range of symptoms including insomnia, headaches, fatigue and more serious illnesses.

What Are the Different Types of EMF Detectors?

EMF detectors vary in accuracy, capability, and quality. There are three specific types of EMF meters, high frequency, low frequency, and dirty electricity.

High frequency (HF) meters measure radio frequency from applications like mobile phones and Wifi routers.

Low frequency (LF) monitors will measure either electric or magnetic fields from areas like house wiring, domestic electrical appliances,  and pylons. Lastly, dirty electricity meters are specifically designed to measure electrical disturbances on wiring circuits

Each EMF meter we sell has been thoroughly tested by our EMF health experts for quality, upholding our commitment to demonstrable and long-lasting products.

We also offer a specialist 5G RF meter, the FM5, which can monitor the highest frequency 5G millimetre wave signals.

Digital EMF meters will measure up to three different types of EMF radiation.

Radio frequencies, known as RF signals, will come from Wifi routers, cell towers, smartphones and more everyday devices and can be measured with dedicated RF meters.

Magnetic fields, known as MF signals, will come from sources like fridges.

Finally, electric fields, or EF signals, will come from the same sources as magnetic field radiation.


Which EMF Detector is Right For Me?

Each EMF monitor offered through our site meets our high standards for efficacy, allowing us to ensure that all our customers can receive a quality piece of equipment, regardless of their budget.

When looking for a meter, the best choice for you will depend on your needs. If you are looking to take detailed electromagnetic field measurements regularly, then you could benefit from one of our professional monitors such as the FM5, whereas those simply looking to check the levels of EMF within their house could be perfectly served by one of our entry-level options, such as the Cemprotec 35.

Another popular choice is the Trifield TF2 EMF Meter which can detect RF, magnetic, and EF signals.

If you are looking to monitor dirty electricity specifically then you should opt for one of our dirty electricity monitors, with our Line EMI Meter used to measure a general environment and our Noise Analyser suited for more localized testing.

Our new FM5 Path Monitor is the only handheld meter capable of measuring very high frequency 5G signals, available now at a competitive price.