EMF Bed Canopies

An EMF protective bed canopy — also known as a Faraday tent — is made of fabric that shields against electromagnetic frequencies. This makes sleeping inside an EMF Bed Canopy is one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself from the danger of EMFs.

At EMF Protection, we offer a wide range of different canopy and tent styles for an electrosmog-free bedroom. These include our best-selling BlocSilverâ„¢ 5G bed canopy with frame, dome- and box-shaped EMF canopies, and tents.

These Faraday cage beds have been developed in-house over the last 20 years. They have been through rigorous testing and improvements to offer you the very best EMF-shielding canopies on the market today.

How To Choose Your Canopy or Faraday Tent

What Size?

The size is simple, choose one to fit the size of your bed: crib, twin, full, queen, king or California king. Note: our canopy sizes are based on mattress sizes, so if your bedframe extends much beyond that, you may need to order a larger canopy. 

Which Fabric?

In this modern age with the rollout of 5G, we strongly recommend that you opt for BlocSilverâ„¢ fabric because it offers the strongest level of protection against EMF. This is our very own fabric that has been tested rigorously against all kinds of radiation, including mmWave 5G and is far superior to any others on the market today. We have a comparison video here.

However, feel free to look at the other options by Swiss Shield.

lady in canopy

Which Shape?

You have a choice of a Faraday tent, dome-shaped, boxed shape, or framed four posters. A dome-shaped EMF shielding bed canopy is a more affordable option because it uses less fabric, but it could feel a bit claustrophobic as it’s not as easy to get the airflow you need.

Our first recommendation is usually the four-poster framed BlocSilverâ„¢ EMF bed canopy — it is the easiest to assemble because it doesn’t require drilled holes, and you can get good airflow. In addition, there’s plenty of room inside, and it feels good.

If you need a sleep solution that you can take anywhere and is easily put together, consider purchasing one of our Faraday tents. They offer ultimate protection against EMFs that you can take with you.

For more advice on which canopy or tent to choose, check out our sleep-related YouTube playlist or contact us.