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emf sticker on phone

Do EMF Stickers, Necklaces & Pendants Really Work?

by Bernhardt Liebl

Awareness of electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices and their possible health impact is growing, and so is the demand for solutions. Those solutions should be easy to install and with a consumer friendly price tag. So what better than to buy a sticker for your cell phone that does away with those vexatious rays and leaves everybody happy: the cell phone user has turned his machine into a source of happy rainbow rays, and the sellers of the stickers have a humming business model. What could possibly go wrong?

Some of the arguments and selling points in detail

1) “Microwaves are only energy:” One thing that always puzzles me is the thought that microwave radiation for one reason or the other is only energy. Microwave radiation cooks the water for your tea in your microwave oven in the kitchen. It is used for Active Denial Systems (ADS) in warfare, and it is said that even the toughest Marines can only stand that type of radiation for about a minute before they run and hide. I can understand that one thinks everything is energy: most of the space inside of all matter is empty. In the age of quantum physics we all know that. But “everything is energy” also applies to the bus coming down the road. Would you step in front of the bus with a protective pendant around your neck and trust that that bus would not harm you? That your pendant would somehow “harmonize” the bus? Or would you get out of the way? Not a hard decision for me…

2) How about just putting positive electromagnetic waves in the EMF mess surrounding us today? I agree, playing Mozart in a noisy environment may have a beneficial effect on human health and well-being. However if the noise is too loud to begin with it will very likely not work. Your sleep will still be fitful and interrupted, if you will sleep at all. And one thing is for sure: Closing the window to keep out the noise will be a brilliant idea, whether you play Mozart waves into the noisy mess or not. The same applies for electromagnetic fields: The Schumann resonance, 7.83 Hertz and their harmonics will have a beneficial effect on your cells and on your health. But what happens in a really detrimental environment with high levels of electromagnetic radiation, as is the norm nowadays with everybody having WiFi and cell phones running 24/7? My own personal experience and that of many fellow electro-sensitives is that no amount of Schumann resonance will help when the environment is truly bad.

3) Let’s take a form of energy that is closer to microwaves: Visible Light. Also electromagnetic fields but with a higher frequency than the microwaves used for cell phone communication. Let’s say it’s a beautiful day and you are at the beach. The sun is out and it is really hot. What will you do? You will wear a hat, maybe a t-shirt, stay under a sunshade, maybe apply some protective lotion. You will likely not wear a pendant that will “harmonize” the sun’s rays and trust that it will protect you from sunburn. I wonder why all the brilliant inventors that produce all the harmonizers for electromagnetic fields have no products to protect you from the sun’s rays? Could it be because the usefulness or uselessness of such a pendant would be immediately visible?


4) How about an experiment? Most everybody has heard about the elderly lady drying her unfortunate poodle in the microwave oven after he had his bath, and how that went horribly wrong. If those microwaves really can be harmonized into health giving radiation with pendants or stickers, that poodle should be perfectly safe with a harmonizing pendant around his neck and protective stickers on his ears. Why are you saying I should not be stupid? Because it is so obvious that that poodle will come to harm?

5) The Harmonizing Box experience: Some years ago a friend of mine in Switzerland ordered a device that was supposed to harmonize his home and prevent any possible adverse effects from microwave radiation and from the electromagnetic fields from the household installation. This device came with the shape of a speaker box and was maybe about a foot high and eight inches in length and width. It did cost around 400 Swiss Francs and was supposed to work for the whole house. My friend wanted to take a look at the interior of the box and cut it open. (He had to cut it open as it was welded shut.) What do you think did he find? The box was filled with sawdust! When I look at this business model and the sales margins and compare them with the margins I have on my shielding products I want to start weeping. Let’s make a calculation: maybe 10 Swiss Francs for the box, a few Swiss Francs for the sawdust and the work, a couple of Swiss Francs for marketing (probably the biggest chunk of the cost), and then you sell this box for 400 Swiss Francs. I can see how this business idea would appeal to a creative businessperson. But will this box keep you safe from the potential negative effects of electromagnetic radiation? Or is someone cleverly taking advantage of a situation a lot of us perceive as far from ideal?

6) Gravitational waves and scalar waves: The guy who sold investments in a company that was supposed to build communication systems and other products using gravitational waves spent some years in a German prison. He was convicted of a multi-million fraud and in the end got caught in Brazil, from where he was extradited to Germany. The court said that he conned 3,000 investors out of 5 million euros.

When it comes to stickers for your cell phone, gravitational waves and scalar waves are right up on top of the list of sales arguments: “Works with Gravitational Waves or Scalar Waves” or at least “Uses Quantum technology”. I always wonder why everybody else seems to understand how those waves work but only I and a few other poor souls seem to have no idea how they actually do. Or maybe I do have an idea: that they work best as a marketing and sales proposition.

“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” – Richard Feynman

7) Beaming and energy transportation: Do you have a few people in your life who you sometimes wish were far away? “Beam me up, Scotty!” This sentence – or some version of it – was probably first used in the year of my birth, 1966. Whether it is that I wanted to have certain people closer to me or certain people far away, I always wished that I could beam people about on this planet. However, more than 50 years after those famous words were first spoken we are still no closer to beaming anybody anywhere – much to my disappointment, I might add. Are there no stickers out there for beaming yet? No pendants or potions? They seem to work for a lot of other things, why not for beaming people about?

8) The science: A famous YouTube doctor with a multi-million viewer following recently said in one of his videos that he prefers older science, because nowadays they can produce studies with almost any outcome. The editor-in-chief of a world renowned science journal wrote that “much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.” So how trustworthy is scientific proof for the workings of any of those devices? Even if it is done with the best of intentions, we know that the observer influences the outcome – what throws the quantum science bit right back at the developers of those brilliant products.

9) Let’s make one more comparison: pesticides. Would you go to a fast food place and eat all kinds of pesticide laden GMO products and then harmonize them with some device into organic non GMO food? No stickers for that available? Going back to the proposition that everything is only energy, that can not be too difficult. Or is it?

10) The “We have studies that show…” argument: Let’s make one thing clear: none of those pendants, stickers and energy devices have any long term studies that support any health claims. If you know of any such studies that actually look at long term health effects please point them out to me. And how about double blind and peer review? Not that those solve all problems, but that might create more confidence.

11) “But people say the stickers are helping them!” There are several possibilities. The person really feels better with a sticker. This does not equal that they are safe from any harm from electromagnetic radiation. If you enter a place that is really smelly and you use air freshener it will smell nicer and you will feel better. But that actually might keep you from looking for the source of the smell and removing it. And this is one of the major criticism against those pendants: That some of them actually do make you feel better, and you will use your mobile phone even more without thinking of the potential harm. What may very well get you in trouble long term. There even seems to be science to support this: That using those devices may shorten lifespan. Dr Mercola and Dr Klinghardt discuss this in the brief video here: That yes, you may feel better despite the electromagnetic fields from your cell phone, but the fields still do harm to your organism. A bit like having a wound that needs attention, and you drinking lots of alcohol will make you feel better in the short term, but you will not attend to the wound which may need stitching and that will be trouble down the road. Video link:

Or it may be a short term effect, think of it as some form of placebo effect. Even if it helps short term, will it work with long term, continuous exposure? We do not know, we can only guess…

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman

So what DOES protect you from EMF radiation?

I’m not against energetic helpers. I have a 5 lb rose quartz sitting right next to my laptop while I dictate this into my speech recognition app. The beautiful stone has been sitting there for quite a few years, I don’t exactly remember when I originally got it. It certainly is very pretty, it is said to have good energy, and I would certainly not want to miss it. Some years ago I got a stone called barite that is supposed to help against Electrosmog. I still have it sitting on a shelf, I am quite sure it doesn’t do a thing against electromagnetic waves.

rose quartz

Over the years I’ve acquired quite an impressive – and I might add embarrassing – array of devices that some way or other should improve my health and well-being, and protect from EMF of all kinds. I have tested some more devices which I decided not to keep, including some boasting to have the latest Quantum technology. Some of them I was not sure in the beginning if they did something or not. However, after a week or two most of them seemed to provide only a very mild improvement, if they had any effect at all.

There are only three things that I did to my electromagnetic environment that I found had a profound impact on my health and well-being. Presented here in chronological order and not in order of significance:
1) turning off the power supply to my bedroom at night. That got rid of all the low frequency electric fields and finally let me sleep again without interruption.
2) blue light filter on my laptop. I spend a lot of time looking at screens. Getting rid of the blue light was again very helpful for my sleep. (Again no pendant, but a simple filtering technology and blue blocking glasses.)
3) a shielding canopy over my bed. I’m an engineer and long resisted that canopy. I was convinced that if you have relatively low radiation levels compared to the average exposure it wouldn’t make any difference. I think several things changed here, one of them being the enormous amount of frequencies we are exposed to today. Just think of all the Wi-Fi networks you can probably right now receive on your cell phone. Also the average level of radiation skyrocketed over the last few years. We now have many more frequencies and much higher radiation levels than only a few years back. I only got my canopy about 3 years ago, and I’m really glad I finally did. Looking back I should have done that much earlier. If you are constantly anxious, feel like you are wound up and you cannot really relax maybe you can spend some time at a place where there is really low radiation, and see how you feel there. I will always remember the first time I went under my canopy, I could literally feel my body unwind.

Takeaway: You need to clean up the environment! We clean the air, we clean the waste water, how about cleaning the air from EMF? You need to minimise your exposure and avoid creating EMF whenever you can. That will not only help you, but will also help your environment.

I can understand one wants a quick fix that will protect against harm from EMF exposure. But will some pendant really achieve that? There seems to be quite a case against relying on those devices to prevent possible long term health damage. Avoidance and minimizing EMF exposure seems a better and safer strategy.

By Bernhard Liebl. Bernhard has been in the EMF and health business for almost 20 years. His interest in EMF started when he began reacting to his mobile phone in 1999. Bernhard earned his academic title Diploma Engineer at the prestigious Vienna University of Technology with distinction. He feels passionate about educating people about the health effects of EMF and help them create an EMF environment that is not detrimental but supportive. He loves nature. Bernhard can be reached via the contact form at, or via email at