EMF Protection was formed

After ten years in the EMF protection business, I formed EMF Protection Limited. As I write this towards the end of 2018, EMF Protection Limited has become a world leader in manufacturing and re-selling EMF protection products.  Our wireless protection products minimize exposure to dangerous EMF from Cell Towers (mobile phone masts).  The high-frequency EMF we shield includes 3G, 4G wifi, smart meters, radar, and, as far as we can tell, 5G networks. Our range of products includes shielding in many forms. Bed canopies, EMR shielding bedding and sleeping bags, wireless-router bags, microwave radiation shielding paint, and much more. Don’t forget to start and finish with a wireless protection EMF meter. EMF meters help us find it and remove it. You need to do both.

Also, here and on our YouTube channel, you will find many resources in the way of education as to the negative aspects of this crazy wireless world.

Please remember, if you are suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity or any other distress due to high-frequency EMF, our aim is to serve you, not the other way around. Therefore, no reasonable request for help and assistance will be refused.

Find out more about EMF protection here.

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