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EMF Protection for Home – The ULTIMATE Guide 2024

Shielding your home or living space is the best place to start your EMF freedom journey. You can do many things without having to spend a massive amount of cash, like hardwiring your home or getting rid of any smart appliances like smart meters and smart speakers. If you live in an urban area like a city or town, you will probably need to shield from radiation coming from outside of your home, from things such as cell towers or your neighbors Wi-Fi. However, it is always best to control the levels of EMF inside of your home first.

EMFs from INSIDE of your home

As mentioned above, there are many things you can do without our products to reduce the levels of EMF exposure you and your family are faced with. Here are some ideas…

• Turning mobile devices onto airplane mode when not in use
• Using an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
• Switch the power off at night
• Replace SMART devices with traditional ones
• Replace wireless devices with wired alternatives
• Take calls on speaker, rather than holding the phone to your ear
• Disable any wireless functions on TVs, computers and laptops 

wired mouse and keyboard

However, some of these things are far too convenient to get rid of. Nowadays, everything relies on technology. Our products make this possible without the EMF drawbacks! Like…

Y-Fry bags: shield your Wi-Fi router while maintaining internet connection
RJ45 ethernet adapters: connect your mobile phone/tablet to the internet via a cable – no need for Wi-Fi! You can even turn airplane mode off while using it.
Earthing pad: stay grounded while going about your daily life. An important activity that EVERYONE should be doing on a daily basis
Bed canopy: create a faraday cage for the ultimate EMF sleep solution
Dirty Electricity Filters: mitigate the dirty electricity that plagues your home

EMFs from OUTSIDE of your home

Once you have ensured that the levels of EMF coming from inside of your home have been dealt with as best as possible, you need to consider the radiation coming from elsewhere. If you live in an urban area like a city or town like most of us, the chances are there will be more EMF emitters disrupting the cleanliness in your home or living environment. Living rurally in a detached property is always best, but is not always possible for a variety of different reasons.

The first step you need to take is to measure the levels of EMF. This is the part that most people skip, but it is absolutely essential in making sure all areas are covered, and you are not wasting time installing shielding materials where they are not required! The TriField TF2 and GQ-390 are great budget monitors, but if you are after the best and most accurate, the FM5 is the ultimate measuring device.

cell tower in residential area

Once you have measured around your living space, you need to take action. It may be that there are high readings coming from your neighbor’s house, or a cell tower 200m away from your property. Here’s how you can put our EMF shielding products to good use… 

  • EMF Shielding Paint: Paint is a very effective way of shielding the inside of your home from radiaiton coming from the outside. The paint can be covered with a paint/wallpaper of your choice, so you won’t even realise it’s there!
  • Window Film: Window film is a fantastic solution for creating an EMF-free living environment. Completely seal the room off from any unwanted radiation when used with paint.
  • EMF protective fabrics: Fabrics can be utilized in many different ways – underfloor protection, overhead protection, curtains…. 
  • EMF shielding clothing: Clothing doesn’t have to be limited to when you are out and about. Lounge around your home with a Flexibloc hoodie and a pair of leggings… maybe even a beanie, why not!?

EMF Home buying advice

If you are currently looking at properties to buy or rent, it is important to look for somewhere as EMF-free as possible, especially if you are electrosensitive. Here are some tips:

  • Look at homes in villages or suburbs, as rural as possible
  • When viewing a house, take an EMF reader with you – what are the levels of radiation in the area?
  • Check your phone signal for 5G or 4G. The less signal the better!
  • Do you have neighbors, if so how close are they? Always best to have a detached home so you don’t need to worry about the radiation emitted from your neighbor’s home.
  • Check if the property uses a SMART meter. If it does, speak to the agent about replacing with a traditional one.
buying new home

To conclude...

It’s always important to plan your shielding project ahead to reduce costs and additional work. Knowledge is very important, and can be gathered by sources like our YouTube channel and other EMF related pages. If you REALLY want to deep-dive into the in’s and out’s of EMF radiation and protection, our EMF Health Academy would be the best place to learn about the subject as a whole.

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