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What Is EMF Protection and How Can It Help You?

EMF Protection is Good News

In the modern world, wireless technology is everywhere, and our devices and appliances emit varying levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or EMF radiation. Unfortunately, scientific evidence suggests this often-unnoticed radiation can negatively impact our health.

The GOOD NEWS is that once you understand why and how to protect against these electromagnetic fields, you can reduce your exposure.

How to reduce exposure to EMF radiation?

There are some simple ways to reduce EMFs in your environment. For example, you can:

  • turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use¬†
  • opt for wired connections instead of always relying on wireless connections
  • keep your phone away from your body whenever possible¬†
  • avoid lengthy phone calls that expose your head to constant radiation¬†


However, some people need stronger protection against electromagnetic radiation. These include people:

  • who suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity or hypersensitivity (EMS/EHS)¬†
  • live in environments surrounded by routers or cell towers¬†


EMF shielding/protection requires blocking or reducing electromagnetic waves with barriers of conductive material. For this, an EMF-blocking metal (usually silver) is woven into the fabric of EMF mitigation products as you can see with our bed canopies and clothing. And in this way, a barrier against electromagnetic fields, such as phone signals and Wi-Fi, is created.

Do EMF Protection products work?

We are often asked if these products work. It’s a good question, and the answer is, “Yes, our products have been tested and proven to shield against electromagnetic radiation.”

Please be aware that you can find products on the market not backed by scientific research! BUT at EMF Protection, we only offer products that have worked — and that we trust — for ourselves and our families.

We are committed to helping you and your loved ones PROTECT. Here you can see our wide range of EMF-shielding products and solutions.

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