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Cell tower protection

Cell Tower Protection: How to Block Radiation in Your Home

Hundreds of scientific studies underscore health problems related to cell phone tower radiation. The electromagnetic frequency causes illness for those living close to cell phone towers.

Our modern technology provides us with instant communication unparalleled in history. Touching a screen sends a message around the world in mere seconds. In addition, cell phone and WiFi technology make banking and paying bills easier.

You’ve heard of health risks related to cell phones, but you’re unsure if it affects you. Do products exist that offer cell tower protection? Is cell tower radiation protection even necessary? 

Keep reading. Find out how to protect from cell phone tower radiation.

Consider the Source

A random google search will provide articles that offer conflicting information. Scientific studies cost money, so someone, usually a corporate entity, must pay to have the study done. “Follow the money” to see who has an interest in a specific outcome.

A study paid for by Verizon or AT&T will find the results those companies desire. Telecommunication companies have an interest in studies disproving health risks. Studies authorized by the FCC, comprised of industry insiders, usually deny health risks.

Independent scientists have voiced concerns over cell tower health risks. You need to learn how to protect yourself from cell phone tower radiation.

Cell Tower Protection

Cell phone towers erected by companies expose citizens to constant electromagnetic frequencies. The radiation in the air requires you do what is necessary to protect yourself. 

Protecting the outside of your home involves shielding the external walls. Apply a Yshield or BlocPaint EMF shielding paint to ward off RF radiation.

Secure the paint methodically to ensure it’s grounded. If shielding the outside of the house proves too expensive, then protect rooms you use the most.

Buy an EMF bed canopy to keep the radiation away. The fabric’s made up of a metal mesh blocking EMF radiations as a mosquito net keeps away mosquitos. A bed canopy only shields the bed, not any other place in the room.

Buy EMF shielding fabrics to make curtains for windows. You can also apply a window film that will protect you from radiation.

Paint the walls, inside and outside, with EMF shielding paint. It works well on plaster and cement so slather away. Paint the ceilings and walls to block harmful radiation from penetrating your home.

You’re not protected from radiation while camping. You need an EMF shielding tent for those times you’re escaping the ravages of city life.

Secure Your Home Against Cell Tower Radiation

Total radiation shielding for your home is not necessary. EMF protection in the rooms you use most will give you the protection you need. Companies provide EMF shielding clothing to protect you when you’re out and about.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 5G shielding or WiFi shielding. You need cell tower protection. Check out the resources we have to protect you and your family.