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BlocSilver™ EMF Protection Four Poster Canopy With Metal Frame

The EMF Bed Canopy: An Ultimate Guide

Your everyday electrical devices are notorious for emitting harmful radiation through the air that our human eye cannot perceive.

At such close range and over long periods of time, EMF sources may have harmful effects on you, your body, and your health.

An EMF bed canopy can shield you from dangerous radiation as you fall asleep. How do EMF bed canopies work and how do you choose the one best for you?

Read on to find out.

What Do EMF Bed Canopies Do?

An EMF bed canopy may look like a regular canopy hanging over the bed. However, EMF bed canopies are more than decoration.

Made using high-quality silver to reflect microwave radiation, they offer 5G EMF protection and wifi shielding against dangerous energy waves sent by common modern-day electrical devices such as:

  • Cell Towers and Cellphones
  • Laptops
  • Smart Meters
  • Wifi routers

Most of the magic happens in the material used to make an EMF bed canopy. The anti-EMF fabrics that we offer here at EMFProtection range in terms of shield coverage and breathability.

To further improve your overall sleep at night, give your room a make-over with our EMF shielding paint and wear our EMF shielding clothing. 

How To Choose The Right EMF Bed Canopy For You

To choose the right EMF bed canopy for you, consider three factors: size, fabric, and shape.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each one.


The size of your bed canopy depends on the size of your bed. For our EMF bed canopies, you can choose between a twin, full, queen, or king size. 


We offer four different types of shielding fabric for building an EMF bed canopy. These EMF shielding fabrics range in coverage, purpose, breathability, visibility, and price.

Swiss Shield New Daylite

The Swiss Shield New Daylite fabric offers the lowest coverage against EMFs. This makes the shielding fabric much more breathable than the other three.

This shielding fabric is good for shielding against high-frequency EMF sources that are at a distance. This is great for cell tower protection.

Swiss Shield Naturell

A step up, the Swiss Shield Naturell offers low to medium shield coverage against high-frequency EMF sources with medium breathability.

This is one of the shielding materials that our bestselling EMF Bed Faraday Canopy Shields come in. 

Swiss Shield Ultima

Our Swiss Shield Ultima shielding fabric offers medium coverage. Because of its increased protection coverage, the fabric has low breathability.

Although we offer this option for the EMF Faraday Bed Canopy, this is not the most ideal choice fabric for a bed canopy.

Bloc Silver

The crème de la crème.

BlocSilver shielding fabric offers the best 5G shielding and EMF protection against most devices.  

With its impressive coverage, this fabric has very good breathability. BlocSilver is also antibacterial and durable.


Last but not least, choose your shape! We offer three options: dome-shaped, box-shaped, and a framed four-poster shape.

A dome-shaped canopy is the most affordable option as it uses less fabric. However, it can feel more restricting since it covers less open space.

A box-shaped canopy may offer better breathability than a dome-shaped canopy because the canopy is more open and therefore, allows for better airflow.

A framed four poster shape offers the best airflow and is the easiest to assemble.

Interested in Trying An EMF Bed Canopy?

Better sleep is priceless.

Our EMF canopy beds can give you that. 

We offer installment plans to help you finance an EMF bed canopy for yourself or for the family. We also offer other EMF protection products such as EMF shielding tents, paint, and clothing.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns!