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Top 5 Benefits of Using an EMF Bed Canopy

Did you know one in three adults in the US doesn’t get enough sleep? Even with a few hours of sleep, a few people get quality sleep. If you have insomnia and headaches when you wake up, it’s an indicator that your sleep quality is compromised. The main contributor to sleep problems is EMF pollution. Exposure to high levels of EMF radiation in the bedroom risks your body health. You can improve your sleep quality by investing in an EMF bed canopy.

You need to shield your body from EMF pollution during sleep. Keep reading to learn how an EMF bed canopy benefits you.

1. EMF Bed Canopy Protects Your Body From EMF Radiation

EMF exposure during sleep has more adverse effects compared to radiation in the daytime. Exposing your body to electromagnetic radiation during the day lowers melatonin. The body translates radiations as light.

When your body senses light, it does not understand it is time to sleep. This affects melatonin production, which keeps you awake longer.

An EMF bed canopy shields your body from radiation. The bed canopy is made from fabric with a high percentage of silver, which blocks radiation. It means that melatonin levels get back to normal, which improves your quality of sleep.

You need an ambient sleeping environment that protects your body. An EMF canopy bed creates a virtually zero environment. This allows your cells to repair and regenerate during sleep without electropollution interference.

2. Beautiful Room Aesthetics

Canopy beds were initially made for royalty. It was not a bed for regular people. The canopy style remains to be a symbol of nobility and style.

If you want to enhance your bedroom aesthetics while avoiding EMF exposure, this is ideal for you. EMF Protection offers a variety of bed canopies that match your style.

Who doesn’t want an exquisite bedroom? EMF canopy beds come in different styles. It makes it easy to find one that matches your bedroom theme.

The canopy gives your bedroom another layer of customization.

A bed canopy brings magic to your bedroom. It makes your bed look artistic. The canopy bed wraps you inside the plush embrace, creating a sense of safety from the world around you.

The EMF fabric comes in different options. Either of the EMF material is made with actual silver thread.

You can choose either daylight or Naturell. The daylight fabric option is polyester, while Naturell is cotton.

3. The Bed Canopy Is Easily Portable

EMF bed canopies are easy to install and unplug. The canopy has plugs, hooks, cords, and snap hooks, allowing you to easily mount it on the ceiling.

The flexibility in installation and low-density EMF material makes the bed canopy easy to carry.

You need quality sleep, whether at home or in your hotel room. If you travel often, you can easily carry your bed canopy with you.

If you are taking a vacation, you need quality sleep and more relaxation. Carrying your EMF bed canopy maintains consistent sleep patterns.

Some of the bed canopies have slings, which allow you to hang them without any fixtures. Your hotel room may not have fixtures for installation. The slings take away the burden of stressful installation.

4. Manages Temperature and Light

The functionality of your bed canopy differs depending on your choice. Some EMF bed canopy options allow practical use of canopy in temperature regulation.

If you choose a bed canopy with additional linen, this will make your bed warm during cold months. The bed canopy can be positioned to keep you fresh and cool during summer.

Everyone wants a comfortable bedroom. Not too hot or cold. An EMF bed canopy can help you regulate temperatures to match your preference.

Temperature regulation makes your bed comfortable in all seasons.

It also reduces your monthly expenditure on energy bills.

Not everyone sleeps at night. Depending on your job, your sleep time can be during the day.

Sleeping during the day is challenging. The bright sunlight can be annoying to your eyes. An EMF bed canopy with thick drapes will help block the light.

A thick drape canopy not only blocks light but it also muffles outdoor noises.

5. Creates Privacy and Sense of Safety

If you are a parent, you know privacy even in your bedroom is out of the question.

A canopy bed arose from the need to create warmth and privacy, particularly in shared rooms. Private bedrooms did not exist in medieval and early modern Europe.

The wealthy shared a room with their servants.

A family bed canopy was an essential piece of household furniture to provide privacy.

Today you may have a private bedroom, but not privacy. Children walk into your bedroom every now and then, which makes privacy impossible.

You can use a shielding canopy double bed and patent it with invisible high-tech yarn. This type of canopy will block EMF radiation and offer you privacy.

Your children need a bed that feels safe and comfortable.

Nothing befits a crown canopy over your daughter’s or son’s head. An EMF bed canopy is customizable to match your kid’s cartoon themes without losing its functionality.

Children enjoy a fairy tale universe. Bringing this element in your kid’s bedroom will give them a smile.

Besides the adventure and EMF protection, you can customize the canopy to function as a mosquito net. This protects your child from diseases like Malaria.

For children, you can consider a high radiation shield bed canopy. There are also canopies with breathable properties, which bring calming effects.

Improve Your Sleep Quality With an EMF Bed Canopy

After a long day at work, you need quality sleep. Quality sleep improves your health and productivity. In a world where digital distractions have become a staple, EMF pollution is at its peak. You need an EMF bed canopy to improve your sleep.

You need a pollution-free environment to allow your body to relax fully. An EMF canopy improves sleep quality by blocking EMF radiation, temperature and light regulation, and privacy.

Before choosing a bed canopy, research to identify one that best suits your needs. Contact us for more information on EMF bed canopies.