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Business woman standing outside in front of office building, using mobile phone --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Is Wireless Radiation Dangerous?

The effects or none effects EMF’s from wireless radiation of the type for example emitted by cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers or smart meters and wireless devices of all kinds is turning into a highly charged debate for many people these days, with those for and against each side of the debate equally convinced of the correctness of their standpoint.  So how can I know the truth and therefore look after my family I hear you say.  The obvious first step for you might be EMF measurement.  In other words is there anything in my home, office, or children’s school I don’t know about, and if there is, then I will do my research and decide if it’s dangerous or not.  If this is (what I would consider a very wise) standpoint then why not buy or rent the Acoustimeter AM11 EMF RF Detector.  This is my favorite EMF testing gadget it’s easy to use comes with simple instructions and will empower you with the knowledge of potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields in your environment.  A good place to begin to understand the potential health effects directly connected to the electromagnetic exposure you have monitored in your environment is the bioinitiative report.  

I can hear the groan from here, you have measured your bedroom the emf detector is going crazy and now I’m just paranoid and don’t want to go to bed I hear you say.  Let’s turn this around, you could look at this negatively and say before this blog I wasn’t sleeping that great (more often where there is emf wireless radiation you sleep but awake but still feeling tired) but now I’m scared.  Panic not there is something you can do about this, you can stop these wireless signals from affecting your sleep by choosing your preference from our range of electromagnetic exposure here.

In more detail having used your Acoustimeter (microwave radiation detector) to measure “my wireless environment” and found the levels to be greater than those recommended by choosing your bedroom as the place to make your safe place these are some of your options