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EMF Shielding Paint FAQ’s

Find out if EMF Shielding piant is right for your needs by reading our top FAQ’s

Does Blocpaint EMF Shielding paint really work and how?

Yes, a combination of Carbon fibre and Graphite particles is put together scientifically.  By using quality binders it combines correctly and reflects some and absorbs some of the high-frequency microwave radiation from wireless applications such as cell towers, Wi-Fi and smart meters.

Can you prove this for me?

Of course, please take a look at our emf shielding test report where you can see emf protection at up to 99.99% effectiveness.  But you can achieve higher protection than this.  Put simply the more paint you put on the better the results of your emf protection project will be

Is Blocpaint emf shielding paint safe to use or is it toxic?

Blocpaint emf protection paint is no more or less toxic than any normal emulsion paint please see our blocpaint safety sheet

Is Blocpaint emf shielding paint easy to apply?

Yes, Blocpaint emf paint is fairly easy to apply but it is a slightly more technical experience than most ordinary painting due to the nature of its purpose. However, it comes with comprehensive instructions. Whilst we recommend a qualified painter and decorator should be sought. Competent DIY amateurs are usually all you need.

How long has Blocpaint emf shielding paint been around?

The Blocpaint emf shielding paint R&D project began in 2006 but it took around five years to develop and has been on the market since 2011

What do our customers say about Blocpaint emf shielding paint?

“Cheapest paint of its kind on the market. The only one I’ve used. Highly recommended!”

“goes on the wall well and you can add a little water towards the bottom if desired. I noticed less high pitch residual hum and fuzzy white noise the more I painted and now feels quiet and more peaceful to be in the room. many thanks”

Can I send it back?

Any unopened tin of Blocpaint emf shielding paint can be returned for a full refund less shipping costs incurred.

What’s the shelf life of Blocpaint emf shielding paint?

Unopened tins of Blocpaint emf shielding paint will store for up to two years. Once opened it will last around one month.

Do I need to ground Blocpaint emf shielding paint?

Yes, Blocpaint is conductive which means as long as you do ground it, you won’t just reduce or eliminate emf from high-frequency microwave radiation from wireless sources.  But you will also virtually eliminate and low field electrical wiring radiation issues you were likely previously unaware of.

Can I use Blocpaint emf shielding paint on exterior surfaces?

Yes, as long as you cover it with a normal exterior decorative product after the Blocpaint has thoroughly dried.


We hope this FAQ section has helped answer your questions if you need more information you can watch this video in our Youtube Channel:

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