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EMF Shielding Paint

EMF-blocking paint is a vital part of shielding your home from electromagnetic fields. Whether it is from your neighbors Wi-Fi router, or cell towers in the surrounding area, our range of YSHIELD paints can help you mitigate the effects of EMFs on you and your families’ health. The best part? It can be covered with a paint of your choice, so it doesn’t ruin the look of your home!

paint on wall

Why Do I Need EMF Paint?

EMF shielding paint can be one of the most effective ways of blocking EMF radiation.

It protects against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF) such as 5G, Wi-Fi, and other wireless signals, and also against low-frequency electric fields (LF) from things like electrical wiring in your home.

It can be applied easily, like any other normal paint, and can be covered with a paint of your choice to avoid letting down the interior of your home or apartment.

Our EMF paints are manufactured by YSHIELD®, and provide the best protection against EMF’s than any other brand on the market today.

Do I Need To Ground It?

The paint is a combination of carbon and graphite particles, and because it is conductive, it should be grounded first. Why?, you ask. Because the paint is conductive, it will pick up electromagnetic pollution from your house wiring, and cause more harm than good in some cases. This can be done by purchasing a grounding kit below. A situation where you will not need to ground your paint, is if you turn your power off at night. This not only eliminates any low frequency radiation being emitted from your mains electrics, but also makes for a seamless nights’ sleep! However, this may not be wise if you live in a hot or cold climate that requires air conditioning or heating.
yshield paint

How Much RF Paint Do I Need?

The higher protection you need, the more coats of paint you need to apply for better results. As applied in layers, the efficiency builds up gradually, and although it is usually black, you can easily paint over it with the regular paint of your choice, even white!

Do I Need Primer?

YSHIELD® Paint can be easily applied without primer. Primer smooths out your painting surface, and can be applied over your top coat of paint to seal it. If you wish to use a different brand of primer, that can also be done. See the video below to watch a room being fully shielded using our EMF shielding paints.