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Body Voltage

Body Voltage: Check the Electrical Wiring in Your Home

The electrical wiring in your environment can have a negative effect on your wellbeing and health because high levels of electric fields generated by home wiring can result in high levels of body voltage, which causes discomfort and severely disturbs your sleep, according to emerging research.

Where Do Fields Increasing Your Body Voltage Come From?

Usually most of the electric fields that we are exposed to originate from the wiring in the walls of our own home or office. They can also come from extension cords, and from the electrical appliances we use.  Another prominent source of electric fields is the wiring in the floors, especially when the floor construction is made from timber. If you live in an apartment, the wiring of the ceiling lights in the story below can cause strong electric fields for the next level of the building. Another possible source of electric fields is power lines, railway lines, streetcars, and transformer substations.

What Kind of Problems Can High Levels of Electric Fields Actually Cause?

The human nervous system works with low-voltage electric impulses. Therefore, electric fields are a stress factor for your nervous system causing a general lack of wellbeing. During the day you can most likely get away with body voltage. At night, however, your bed acts as an antenna and could be causing you insomnia. Many people describe that they feel restless and anxious when exposed to high levels of electric fields. So if you wake up in the morning feeling more exhausted than you were when you went to sleep at night,  it is likely that the presence of electric fields is the cause.

What Can I Do to Eliminate Body Voltage?

When we reduce the exposure to EMF’s and RFR, many of these symptoms go away. A simple way of eliminating body voltage at night is by turning off all the power in your house. This solution however is not viable for most, so one of the best alternatives we have is to ground.

The effects of grounding (earthing) have been proven to work on preventing and treating chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Our EMF Earthing Bed Sheet can significantly reduce EMFs from your sleeping environment. It comes with an earthing cable, which clips onto the mat and plugs into a wall socket for easy earthing.

 A protective mat can remove harmful body voltage from your bed environment when it’s grounded. If you pair it with one of our bed canopies, this mat will create a faraday cage providing a greater source of protection from radiofrequency radiation, so you can rest, assured that you are doing your best to protect your family from this pollution.