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EMF and RFR Protective Bed Mat


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Product description

The EMF/RFR protective bed mat is made from BlocWiFi™ EMF Protection Fabric, an innovative material possessing shielding qualities second to none. It provides 99.997% shielding effectiveness at 70dB at 1GHz and when earthed, will reduce electric fields. The BlocWiFi™ fabric is made of nickel, copper and polyester.
The bed mat is placed on the floor beneath the bed with the bed placed in the center.  It is essential that the canopy meets the mat all the way around.
An EMF/RFR Protective Bed Mat can remove harmful body voltage from your bed environment when it’s grounded. If you pair it with one of our bed canopies, this mat will create a Faraday cage providing a greater source of protection from radiofrequency radiation, so you can rest, assured that you are doing your best to protect your family from this pollution. This mat goes under the bed so that the canopy touches it. It overlaps the bed to provide the sleep solution seal.

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