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EMF Exposure

Dr. Martin Cooper is credited with the invention of the mobile phone.  It is claimed he made the first mobile call.  He brought the cell phone to market in 1983. From then on began the world’s spiraling levels of wireless technology and with it a new threat, EMF exposure.  Nowadays is something we are all exposed to everywhere we go, all day every day. But, is exposure to EMF radiation OK?  We have gotten used to it and it could be though that it has always been here.  But it hasn’t.

It was only 35 years ago that the world saw the birth of cellular phones and it took the networks and phone manufacturers another 15 years to get most of us owning one.  Therefore high levels of EMF exposure have only been around for 20 years or so.  Because of this, we don’t yet know the long-term effects of EMF exposure.  Cancer can take up to 40 years to result from some known carcinogens. The World health organization says this about EMF exposure and cancer. So the burning question is will Dr. Cooper be remembered as A. The hero who brought billions of people the joy of the mobile phone?  Or B. Millions of people suffering from cancer?

History of Growing EMF Exposure

Twelve years ago in 2008, how many of us had smartphones? In 2003 Wi-Fi was virtually unheard of and more than twenty years ago in 1998, some people didn’t have phones, and shock horror many hadn’t heard of texting.  Thirty years ago, a cell phone was unaffordable for most of us.  In fact in 1988 even in most of the developed world, there was no cell phone signal. The “signal” is everywhere now but are the developed world’s exponential allergy levels connected?  Excuse the pun. Also, are the allergies a precursor of something more serious?

Are You Showing EMF Exposure Symptoms?

It’s a little bit like the rise of the cigarette and general tobacco use.  Like EMF wireless radiation, tobacco had been around for a long time.  It didn’t reach its full potential until it became easy and cheap to use.  The invention of the cigarette took the pain out of smoking or so we thought.  Then it took off and became trendy, everybody smoked, if you didn’t you were weird.  Are you starting to see the similarities?

A few decades into the era of the cigarette a few people started to see a correlation between certain growing illnesses and smoking cigarettes.  So the battle between a few good people and big tobacco began! Thankfully good won in the end. I like millions of others woke up and gave up!  It’s time to wake up to the effects of high EMF exposure before it’s too late.

If you already know you suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity then fine.  Most people I find don’t have a clue what it means.  It’s a bit like living in an increasingly cold river and not understanding the meaning of hypothermia. There are metaphorically speaking wetsuits out there.  Let’s look at some links and get a better picture.

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