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What is EMF Protection?

The following guide will help you understand the dangers of EMFs and show you how to reduce your exposure and keep your family safe from its effects.

What exactly are EMFs?

EMF is short for electromagnetic fields. It is the most common term you will find referring to the radiation given off by wireless devices. An electromagnetic field is an electric and magnetic field that surrounds a moving electric charge. As you can imagine there are rather a lot of those in our environment these days.

The specific type of EMF I want to help you protect from is high-frequency pulsed microwave radiation. This is the type of emf used to builds the infrastructure of our modern wireless world. This type of EMF is biologically active and dangerous to all known life forms other than God!  Yes, you got it some emf is more dangerous than others. Personally, I’ve been helping people with their high-frequency wireless emf protection since 2004, that’s my specialty. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on, if not keep looking for your website.

High-Frequency Pulsed Microwave Radiation

It has become widely known in EMF circles that pulsed radiation is the real enemy. This is much more dangerous than constant, level exposure. However, governments still use the average power density over a period of time to gauge danger to health!

Wi-Fi routers, in particular, are a real concern for pulsed radiation. They mainly operate at 2.4GHz (although new “Super Fast” routers are starting to operate in the 5GHz range!) and this is pulsed through your home 24Hrs a day. The actual exposure will at times be much higher than the given average value and so our actual exposure is being massively underestimated.

For more info on pulsed exposure, we recommend following research done by Dr. Magda Havas

How do I choose the best EMF protection?

When looking for the best emf protection for you and your family.  You need to understand emf and emf shielding a little. There is plenty of detail of emf shielding technicalities on this site. But here is a quick guideline to help you achieve success.

Understand EMF frequency

The range of emf protection fabric available on this and other sites has different characteristics, benefits, applications.  Here is how and what you need to consider before you part with your hard-earned cash.

What frequency am I dealing with?  The type of EMF radiation you’re wanting to protect from has a reference point or type.  This will be expressed in megahertz or gigahertz usually abbreviated to MHz or GHz.  It’s imperative that you marry the correct EMF protection fabric (check MHz) against the relevant emf signal.  It is also important to maintain airflow with bed canopies etc.  To save you from becoming the next great EMF expert below is a guide to help you.

Frequency guide

Here is a quick guide to some of the frequency ranges of modern wireless technologies and links to the best emf protection fabrics for them. Scores are shielding efficacy, 1 being poor 10 being good.  Remember other things are important, such as washables, time on the market, toxicity, Need for earthing.  These side issues are covered on the relevant product page.  For now, add two points to each Swiss Shield score.  Whilst the Swiss Shield products generally show a lower attenuation than our own branded Bloc products.  Swiss shield is a Rolls Royce of products that generally outperforms the sum of its parts

Technology Swiss Shield Naturell Swiss Shield Ultima BlocSilver Bloclothing  
Gsm 900 &1800 7.0 7.5 9 5 4
3G 6 6.5 9 5 3.5
4G 7.0 7.5 9 5 4
5G Not known yet recommend Blocgold    
Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz 6 6.5 9 5 3
Wi-Fi___33 5+ GHz 4 4.5 9 5 2
Smart meter 7.0 7.5 9 5 3.5

This page including the above table is a brief work to help you begin your journey.  Please use the search facility on our site or call or email for more in-depth help. We have emf protection experts on site here to help you.