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Everything You Need To Know About A Mobile Radiation Shield

As concern grows regarding cell phone EMF radiation and electropollution, mobile radiation shields or products claiming to protect from electrosmog are appearing with alarming regularity. However, a lot of the products purporting to act as protection against radiation can’t or simply don’t work, and consequently, do not cure electrosensitivity and other side effects of the exposure to emf and cell phone tower radiation.

Let’s take look at this from a “can it work” point of view, rather than a “how can I convince myself I have a mobile radiation shield that works and doesn’t involve me changing the way I use my phone” point of view.

Contrary to the websites of other manufacturers, this site sells mobile phone shields as well as many other forms of protection from EMF and cell phone tower radiation, excluding the “magic” mobile phone radiation stickers, magnets, pendants etc.

Why won’t you find any of these dubious offerings here? Because whilst they might disperse some heat or emit a different kind of radiation signal, offering a short-term feeling of well-being – scientifically, they cannot possibly provide protection from the high-frequency microwaves radiation coming from the antenna, much less the near field EMF’s from the phone itself.

Simply put, in order to protect yourself from cell phone EMF and microwave radiation, you either need to distance yourself from your phone or to put between you and it a mobile radiation shield, of which effectiveness is scientifically proven. Blocksock is a cell phone case, which was proved to reduce the radiation by 96% – check the report by RFI, a major testing house. If you find a product with more detailed official testing and proven better than 96% SAR reduction within a year of purchasing a Blocsock, we will refund your money.

But don’t forget that while you need protection both when you are using it and it is just simply turned on, the main thing is that the whole phone’s front (screen) should be shielded when using the phone against the head. Stickers, buttons or magnets on the back of the phone are useless against the dangerous near field that the phone manufacturers themselves warn against.

If you really do need to make a cell phone call and its possible to use it on speaker phone, then do and don’t carry it upon your person whilst it’s switched on.

However, if you have to use it against your head or carry it on your person, then you should purchase a protective mobile radiation shield, Blocsock. Our products offer the highest possible levels of protection against radiation so you know you’re in safe hands.


As a former telecoms consultant, I know how to make wireless networks work. In 2004, I quickly became aware I needed to learn how to make them stop.
During 2004, my 11-year-old daughter Hannah was affected by cell phone antenna on the roof of her new school building and cell phone tower radiation from a phone mast nearby, so a journey began for me – initially as a campaign for health & safety. Soon though, the reality that the worlds desire for profit and gadgets had already formed a tidal wave that looked unstoppable.

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