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Phone Radiation Protection

As you are probably aware, your cell phone emits high levels of EMF radiation which can cause severe health effects, especially when placed inside your trouser pocket or to your head as you are taking a phone call. There are many ways to mitigate the impacts this kind of electro-smog can have on your health.

If only there was an EMF phone case that could put all of these problems to rest…

Buy a BlocSock today and reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation emitted by your mobile device. Protect your health, while maintaining great call quality and efficiency. Whether you have an old fashioned Nokia, or the newest iPhone, we have the perfect solution for you. Different materials and sizes to choose from.

Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation?

Yes, cell phones, including Apple devices, emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation in the form of radiofrequency (RF) radiation. RF radiation is generated by the phone’s antenna and is used to transmit and receive wireless signals for voice calls, text messages, and data connections.

Apple have a guidelines page hidden in the ‘Legal and Regulatory’ under ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ on all modern iPhones. In there, it advises using a hands-free option like the speakerphone or headphones. Although it seems like they are thinking of the consumer’s health, the most likely reason Apple provides this information is to cover their backs when you approach the court with a brain tumor and connect it to the radiation emitted by your iPhone… “We warned you!”

Cell phones emit microwave radiation, which is present whenever the phone is turned on, not just when in use. Forget for a moment about all the clever features and applications your cell phone has, and instead try to think of it as a mini microwave oven with no protective walls. Now try to imagine holding your mini microwave against the side of your head, your heart, or your groin. You wouldn’t do it, would you? Yet we all do every day…


How Do The BlocSocks Work?

Our BlocSocks shield both ‘near and far-field’ radiation and reduces SAR levels by 96%. Other products on the market don’t give complete coverage of the mobile and do not cover both near and far-field radiation. The sock is lined with protective silver fabric that stops the phone emitting EMF radiation.

Apple RF Exposure
'RF Exposure' guidelines in iPhone settings

How To Reduce Your Exposure To Cell-Phone Radiation

To help protect yourself from the harmful emissions, we suggest taking the following precautions:

1. Reducing the amount you use your cell phone will lower exposure and reduce the health risks. Simple, really.

2. Whenever possible, text instead of calling.

3. Switch off or shield your phone by placing it in your BlocSock when carrying it.

4. Switch off your mobile at night.

5. If you must make substantial calls, do it using your BlocSock.

6. Prohibit your children’s phone use wherever possible. When this is not possible make sure they use the BlocSock.