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How to Minimize Dirty Electricity in Your Home

Dirty electricity is an anomaly caused by high voltage surges traveling throughout standard wiring that only has a capacity of 50/60-Hertz. It is also known as line noise or electrical noise, and it is one of the many sources of EMF pollution in your home environment.

As electronics become more advanced, the standard 50-60 Hz wiring system has become obsolete. Therefore it can no longer meet the functioning capabilities of these devices and appliances. Because of this, developers manipulate the way these modern electronics adapt to this system. 

There are three techniques to adapt electronics:

  • By converting the alternating current (60 Hz AC) into direct current (low-voltage DC)
  • Drawing electrical current intermittently by turning the power on and off 
  • Or using higher-voltage AC

What Causes Dirty Electricity?

The technique that adapts modern electronics interrupts the regular flow of standard 60 Hz AC suitable for most modern wiring systems. Therefore it creates a vibration with surges and spikes of electricity. People refer to these spikes as dirty power, electrical noise, or dirty electricity.

Dirty electricity flows to the breaker box and then travels downstream to all outlets in your home and thus transmitted to your environment and your body. This subtle frequency messes with your own body’s electrical frequency and thus messes with your whole physiology. 

Common Dirty Electricity Causes in Your Environment

Modern electronic devices such as computers, compact fluorescent light bulbs, dimmer switches, mobile phone chargers and other products use either a rectifier that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) or a transformer that modifies the voltage.

The main issue with these is that they intermittently switch the voltage from AC to DC, which interrupts the flow of smooth sine waves and produces dirty power or line noise.

Dirty Electricity Effects

Research now shows that dirty power might disrupt essential electrical functions within the body. Regular exposure to electropollution has often been associated with a wide range of health problems. It is therefore imperative to find ways to minimize your exposure to dirty electricity.

Can Dirty Electricity Affect Our Health?

Dirty noise ultimately emits unsafe, and unwanted, electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These EMFs are linked to health complications which studies have shown that low-level exposure can cause various diseases including mood swings, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, asthma, heart arrhythmia, fertility issues, cancer, diabetes, etc.

What EMF Levels Are Safe?

Despite a growing number of studies showing the various health risks associated with EMFs, government agencies face challenges when trying to determine whether they can find ways to minimize EMF levels.

The many factors that come into play when assessing what EMF levels are safe include pulse and frequency variations, electrical voltage and duration of exposure. These factors make it challenging to set best safety practices in the home as most safety guidelines only consider EMF levels that can affect and ultimately increase the temperature of an object.

How to Reduce Dirty Electricity

Switch Off Appliances

If possible, switch off electronic appliances, electronics, and all other electronic devices if you are not using them.

Swap Fluorescent Bulbs

If you have installed compact fluorescent light bulbs, consider getting LED bulbs or incandescent bulbs instead. Before you install LED bulbs, ensure you get a brand that will not produce high levels of dirty electricity.

Install EMF Filters

Install dirty electricity filters around the house and areas where you spend most of your time.

How Do EMF Filters Work?

The sine wave that used to be smooth is sent thru the filter and the filter takes out the agitation and sends back the sine wave clean again. If you place enough EMF filters around your home or office environment you can actually reduce the level of dirty electricity. Then all you will need is a line meter to test the reduction.

Ignoring dirty electricity could be detrimental to your health, but you should also be aware that this type of EMF pollution is low-frequency and an EMF filter won’t neutralize all the EMFs in your home. You can’t just plug a couple of filters and don’t worry about phone masts, Wi-Fi, or smart meters as those are high-frequency EMFs, and those transmissions and are a completely different thing.