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Dirty Electricity Line EMI Meter / Monitor

The Line EMI Meter measures electromagnetic interference in a single-phase AC power line. No battery needed as it plugs into a wall socket. It immediately displays total line noise in millivolts (range 1999 mV, resolution 1 mV) in the frequency range 10 kHz–10 MHz (the frequency limits at which sensitivity is half of the maximum sensitivity). A speaker plays the sound of the EMI, with amplitude demodulated, which identifies EMI sources such as AM or shortwave radiofrequency.



Dirty electricity.

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The Line EMI Dirty Electricity Monitor measures electromagnetic interference in a single-phase AC power line. Its OLED screen displays AC voltage and noise voltage. The speaker emits a sound which increases according to the intensity of the frequency – the more interference the louder the sound.

The EMI Monitor can be used to detect dirty electricity levels at home and in other environments. Dirty electricity can tamper with the correct functioning of sensitive electrical equipment. In addition, it emits electromagnetic fields (EMF) and has been associated with a wide range of health issues. The more dirty electricity on your wiring, the more EMF in your surroundings.
The Line EMI Dirty Electricity Monitor is also a great tool to test dirty electricity filters and see the difference they make in reducing unwanted electrical noise. Hear the noise decrease as dirty electricity filters are set up.

This meter is easy to use as all you have to do is simply plug it into a power socket, and the electronic display will show readings in millivolts (mV), a standard electrical unit of measure.

The dimensions of the device are 132 X 91 X 41mm, and it weighs 150g. It comes with a detachable two-core power 0.8 m-length cord, and it plugs directly into an electrical outlet.


Operating Voltage: 85-300 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Voltage Reading: 85-250 VAC; Accuracy +/- 1 VAC
Line Noise Range: 0.1-1999.9 mVp-p AC (differential)
Line Noise Accuracy: +/- 8% @ 20 kHZ to 2 MHz; within a factor of 2 from 10 kHz to 10 MHz
Input Voltage: AC 85Vac – 250Vac 50/60Hz (accuracy +/- 1 VAC)
Frequency Range: 10KHz – 10MHz
Noise Indication: 4 digits yellow and blue two-color OLED digital dot matrix display