How to protect yourself from 5G is a huge question on people’s minds it seems.

First of all, let’s not panic, when I first began my journey into emf protection in 2004, 3G was still being rolled out and there was a lot of fear about how to protect from that particular emf frequency, but we did it. 

We used the same emf shielding materials and bed canopies that had been around for years and they worked we just needed to be a bit smarter (excuse the pun) than before.

We’ve been here before!

Then 4G came on the scene and again we began to panic. What would we do would the shielding work and again it did? Actually, because the frequencies were and are more akin to the original GSM (first digital voice & simple text network, what some people call 2G) it was easier to shield than the 2.4GHz 3G network. But we survived, we needed common sense amongst the emf enlightened ones, but we survived. 

5G or 5GHz?

Actually, the trickiest thing to shield at the moment is the more powerful 5Ghz wifi routers. That I think is where “the fear” comes from people are confusing 5GHz wifi with 5G (not surprisingly).  The reason 5Ghz wifi has got a rep for being hard to shield is that the more traditional (older design) emf protection fabrics were specifically designed for the 900 & 1800 MHz GSM networks. Whilst I agree that the older Swiss shield fabrics are still the best in many ways.

If its 5G wifi (not to be confused with the 5G cellular network signal) you’re wanting to eliminate from your environment, then the more modern conductive emf shielding fabrics with consistent Db response figures in the higher 5 GHz range such as Blocsilver or Blocgold should be considered.

What Frequency?

I think another area of concern is the rumoured extremely high-frequency range of 5G but it Seems at this point they are going for 600 MHz, there is also talk about 3.6 GHz actually being operational, but none of the higher frequencies (which have to use beamforming to get through building material) is as yet functional and when they are they will have a high data transfer capability but a short transmission range, maybe only as far as 100 meters. In short, until I can attempt to shield an extremely high-frequency 5G signal, I can’t with any certainty predict how successful I will be.

Overall though I’m confident that as with the two previous generations of mobile data networks 3G & 4G we will be able to provide relief in most circumstances.