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What is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EMS)?

Here is a short and concise document to debunk the mystery of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  The purpose of this post is to help you self diagnose your state of electromagnetic hypersensitivity otherwise referred to as Electro-hypersensitivity or electro-sensitivity and take appropriate action.

Can I point you to some free lifestyle changes and some not free products, besides not all good things in life are free. Below are invaluable tests and they are free, enjoy!  In the following tests, you will find everything is covered to help you mitigate a problem you probably didn’t know existed a few short days or weeks ago because we don’t know what we don’t know.

Surviving the Electronic world

Nobody is suggesting that we are all suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity but I can say we are all sensitive to electricity and are therefore electro-sensitive.  You can argue with me if you want but I will insist you take my electro-sensitivity test and see.  It’s a simple one and I will guide you on how to do it.

Are you Electro-sensitive?

Take two short electrical wires and connect them to the live and neutral prongs of an appliance plug.  Put the plugin the socket then hold the other end of both (bare) wires and switch on.  If you don’t feel anything, you will be the first non-electro-sensitive person I’ve come across.  It hurt, therefore (you guessed it, I’m sure) it is just a matter of how sensitive or even, to what degree of EMS we are suffering from.  On a more serious note let’s take a look and see where you personally sit on my Electrohypersensitivity scale.

The Wireless Protection Electro-hypersensitivity test.

For over fourteen years (time of writing is December 2018), I’ve been full time in my current profession.  My journey has taught me a heck of a lot through helping and advising people who often have newly discovered they have an allergy to certain types of electrical activity and the table below is my test and hopefully a guide to how sensitive you are.  Once you’ve taken it, you will have revelation and choice to replace the skepticism and confusion that welled up inside you when you first heard the term electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The test will use symptoms from people with severe difficulties but most importantly, common symptoms people experience before the onset of Electro-hypersensitivity.  This is a passion of mine, to help people take action before the onset of the difficult to cure electromagnetic-hypersensitivity.  Knowledge is power, go on, and take the test.

Ok,I’ve taken the test, what’s my next step?

Now that you have discovered you are on the electromagnetic hypersensitivity scale so to speak, what is your next step?  Well, my advice is always to minimize your exposure to what’s making you sick, it’s not rocket science!

For example, If your liver is testing as unwell, it’s certain to be overworking to keep you well.  First of all, you get it tested and then you need to go to work to remove the toxin that’s troubling it most. That might be alcohol, for instance, therefore, the wine has to go, but there will likely be other things too, therefore you don’t just stop the booze, you look at other things and then you start to build nutrition to get well again. Yes, you got it, it’s the same principle with emf.

Looks like I might have Electromagnetic-hypersensitivity!

If you have become electro-sensitive then you have simply overexposed yourself to EMF and the most common and toxic form of EMF is the high-frequency microwave radiation used for wireless communication.

You need to remove it (see our range of emf protection products here) but in order to remove it, you need to find and understand it (see our range of emf monitors here) For more information on EMF protection read this short blog. Read what Dr. Brian Clement says on electromagnetic hypersensitivity and nutrition.  I don’t agree completely with Dr. Clement I think Nutrition supplements EMF protection rather than the other way around. Don’t forget we are here to help so if this is all a bit much we understand.  Simply get in touch here.