EMF Filters

What is dirty electricity ?

Put simply the clue is in the name.  Electricity supplied by your power company is increasingly dirty, but we actually do most of the damage ourselves.  Modern appliances such as computers, TV’s, refrigerators, cordless phones, chargers and the like effectively stop your power whilst they decide what to do with it.  This creates interference on your electrical circuit, which in turn becomes a vibration or frequency which transmits the electric and magnetic fields normally local to your wiring circuit, into the wider environment.

Why should I care about that?

Well, because these subtle transients are biologically effective.

Dirty electricity is believed to activate a damaging molecule in our bodies known as peroxynitrite, which creates over 100 biochemical disruptions and is linked to over sixty chronic diseases.  See this excerpt from science direct.

Peroxynitrite is a powerful oxidant exhibiting a wide array of tissue damaging effects, including lipid peroxidation, inactivation of enzymes and ion channels via protein oxidation and nitration, and inhibition of mitochondrial respiration (Virag et al., 2003).”

What can I do about it?

Again, put simply, clean it up!

Dirty electricity filters take in the dirty power, and passing them through specially engineered capacitors and resistors they clean it up.

How do I go about it?

I’m going to carry on with the theme it couldn’t be simpler.

Buy or rent a monitor and calculate the number of filters you require (roughly two per frequently used rooms plus a couple extra for offices and sitting rooms but excluding bathrooms) and order those too.

Once the monitor and filters arrive, plug the monitor in and then the dirty electricity filters until the monitor displays a figure that corresponds with the recommended healthy levels in the instructions.

For a couple of hundred pounds or so you have addressed a potentially life threatening issue.

Job done you have detected, protected and are sleeping well!

For more information on how to minimize dirty electricity in your home, visit our blog.