EMF Earthing Grounding Pad


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Grounding Mat

Essential for everyday grounding, our portable EMF mat is an affordable way to connect yourself to the earth and remove unwanted body voltage. The mat comes with the plug and grounding cord, and is simply ‘plug and play’. The earthing pad can be used in many different ways, including at a desk or on a chair. The non-slip surface makes it a perfect grounding mouse pad.

The grounding/earthing mat pad is made of durable conductive PU, which is breathable and comfortable. The waterproof coating prevents damage caused by beverage spills or other accidents. The durable rubber base prevents it from sliding on the desktop during use.

Grounding Connection the earthing/grounding mat pad is connected to the earth through the grounding socket of the US grounding wire and the wall outlet. When we are grounded, positive ions are neutralized allowing negative ions to enter the body to maintain health.

Simply place the grounding mat on the surface you require to be grounded (bed, desk, floor, sofa) and flatten it, connect one end of the grounding wire to the grounding hole of the socket, connect the button on the other end and that’s it!

If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact us.   We have a professional customer service team who will work with you to find an amicable resolution.