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YSHIELD® HSF54 EMF Shielding Paint

How to Apply EMF Shielding Paint

Did you know there are electromagnetic fields invisible to our senses but constantly surrounding us? There are, along with many health risks involved in daily exposure to EMFs.

EMFs emit from wireless connections such as WiFi, so in our internet-connected world, they can be pretty tough to avoid.

So how can the ordinary person, or particularly electrosensitive people, protect themselves and their family from harmful EMFs? 

Enter EMF Shielding Paint. Though EMFs are virtually everywhere, EMF Shielding Paint is the most effective option.

But how does it differ from ordinary paint? And how do you go about getting it in your home?

Read on to learn more about EMF Shielding Paint and how to apply it.

How Does EMF Shielding Paint Work?

If you’re having interrupted or disturbed sleep, you may start keeping your phone outside of the bedroom or shutting off the WiFi at night. But microwave radiation can travel through walls, so you could be harmed by EMFs outside of your own home. EMF shielding paint in your bedroom can help block that. 

EMF shielding paint is made up of a combination of graphite and carbon particles, which means the paint will usually be black. When applied, the wall with the applied paint becomes a shield for any frequencies trying to enter or exit.

The more protection you’re looking for, the more radiation shielding paint you’ll want to apply!

Let’s break down the process of applying EMF Shielding Paint.

Applying EMF Shielding Paint

Applying EMF shielding paint involves a few steps before actually applying the paint. While it is best to contact an electrician for help, we have some tips for DIY EMF shielding painting.

First, you’ll need to prepare the surface about to be painted. Prime the wall with a non-oil based paint so the EMF paint sticks more easily. Next, since EMF paint is conducive, it is very important to ground the paint itself. For this, you’ll need a grounding strap and a grounding plate.

Grounding straps act as a frame to ensure the whole wall is grounded and supports your grounding plate. For placement of your grounding plate, it is best to have it near an electrical outlet- your local electrician will help with this part. For supplies for this step, EMF Protection has a complete grounding kit available!

Once you have prepared the surface, you can get to painting! EMF shielding paint can be applied using ordinary painting tools such as a tray and a foam roller.

And good news… you can paint over EMF shielding paint if you’re not looking to have a room entirely covered in black walls. A couple of coats of standard paint will do, giving you style and protection!

Where to Find the Best EMF Shielding Paint

For all of your radiation shielding paint needs, look no further than EMF Protection. From EMF paint options to grounding supplies, we have high quality products to help protect you from harmful, unwanted microwave radiation.

Check out our EMF shielding paint options and protect yourself today.