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Reduce EMF

How to Reduce EMF in Our Homes

Possible Health Risks Caused by Wi-Fi

The world is becoming wireless with millions of Wi-Fi networks constantly surrounding us, allowing people to be connected anytime, anywhere.

Every day a new antenna is installed near us to make Wi-Fi available to connect and use high-speed internet for browsing. Although this may be quite convenient, the possible health risks have not been raised enough and only recently we have started to see the consequences.

Wi-Fi routers emit electromagnetic radiation in the low-gigahertz frequency, which can be potentially dangerous to our health. Just like the Wi-Fi signals, the electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs can pass through walls, which means you are constantly exposed to radiation especially if you live in a city where there’s free public Wi-Fi everywhere.

Increasingly well-documented evidence of Wi-Fi dangers from Wi-Fi networks and home routers is emerging.  In France, Wi-Fi was banned in elementary schools as far back as 2015.  In 2016 Hiafi in Israel banned Wi-Fi from all schools.

Here are only a few of the several health issues that could be caused by Wi-Fi exposure:

What Is Wireless Protection?

You can’t see it, smell it, touch it or taste it but EMF radiation is in our environment and could to create health problems for many, not just electro-sensitive. Wireless Protection is the simple act of reducing EMF radiation exposure. Here easy ways of reducing electromagnetic frequency waves in our homes.

  • Disconnect your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever they are not in use and try using hardwire connections instead of wireless connections.
  • Keep your mobile phone away from your body when not in use, and use the speaker function so you don’t have it close to your ear.
  • We recommended leaving your phone in another room, turning it off or setting it on flight mode when you go to bed.

Although these practices could reduce EMF exposure, sometimes it is not enough, especially for those who suffer from EMS or live surrounded by routers or cell towers.

EMF protection or shielding is the practice of blocking or reducing electromagnetic waves by creating barriers made of conductive materials. EMF can be reduced with products such as bed canopies, clothing and other accessories.

Modern Wi-Fi networks and cellular infrastructure don’t use good old FM signals like your old TV and radio.  They use powerful digital signals that are a form of microwave radiation.  It’s a form of microwave known technically as non-ionizing pulsed microwave radiation.  Ionising is thermally effective (like a nuclear bomb). Non-ionizing is not thermally active but it is biologically effective and in the long term just as dangerous.  The problem is that most of its effects will only be seen in the long term and on the meantime those that make a profit out of this now huge industry have and are capitalizing on this at the sake of our health.