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Do I Need EMF Shielding Paint? A Guide

Even in the privacy of our own homes, we’re exposed to a barrage of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) every day.

The Internet of Things means everybody and their cat seem to be wirelessly connected! The result is EMF exposure everywhere, including from our neighbors. That’s on top of the EMFs that come in through our windows and walls from power lines and transformers.

Would you like to up your home EMF protection game? Would you like to create a space in your house where virtually no EMFs can penetrate? If so, EMF shielding paint is the perfect solution for you!

Let’s take a closer look at what EMF shielding paint is, and why you need to get it.

What Are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are streams of invisible energy waves. They are sent out whenever electricity is used.

They occur naturally when the sun shines. They are also produced artificially, by electricity passing through power lines. Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, cellphones, and computers all emit this invisible radiation.

There are different types of electromagnetic radiation. Some are famous for being dangerous, such as x-rays and UV rays. That’s why when you go for an x-ray, you have to wear a lead jacket and the technician scurries behind a screen.

However, there is also a danger from low to mid-frequency EMFs. These are the types we come in contact with on a daily basis. Many people suffer from electrohypersensitivity.

The symptoms of this condition include headaches, fatigue, depression, and concentration difficulties. If you or a family member are suffering from these symptoms, you know the toll they take on daily life. 

This is why many people are now taking action to reduce their exposure to EMFs. One way to do this is through shielding paint.

What Is Shielding Paint?

Shielding paint is one of a range of products that aim to shield us from the electromagnetic field that electrical appliances give out. They aim to block radiation using materials that reflect radiation, stopping it from penetrating.

EMF shielding paint uses a combination of carbon and graphite particles to achieve this. This means that it only comes in black. But don’t worry – you can paint over it with any color of your choice. 

How Good Is the Protection?

Shielding paint lets you create a dead room within your home – a room where no radiation can penetrate. You can even paint the ceiling and floor with shielding paint. However, you may prefer to use EMF fabric as underfloor protection, as this allows you to install a floating floor on top.

To complete the EMF protection, you can also install EMF window films. This will protect you from 5G radiation that comes in from outside.

The main benefit of this system is almost complete protection from EMFs. That means you will not be able to use Wi-Fi, make calls on your cellphone, or connect wirelessly to any device from outside the room. 

Shielding paint doesn’t just protect against Wi-Fi and 5G radiation. It also protects against low-frequency electric fields. These fields are produced by the electrical wiring in our homes. 

YSHIELD® EMF Shielding Paint HSF54 is a very popular product. Three coats correctly applied will provide almost complete protection against wireless signals.

YSHIELD® EMF Shielding Paint HSF64 is suitable for people with chemical sensitivities. YSHIELD® EMF Shielding Paint PRO54 is so strong you can fix tile to it.

Do I Need EMF Shielding Paint?

If you are serious about protecting yourself and your family from EMFs, then you do need shielding paint.

It provides a higher level of protection than any other form of EMF protection. If you apply it throughout your home, you can create a virtually EMF-free environment. If you’re sensitive to EMFs, this could make a huge difference to your quality of life. 

This does mean that you will not be able to use wireless devices in your home. But this does not mean you’ll have no internet connectivity! There are devices that allow you to connect to a hardwired connection, even on your phone or tablet.

How to Use Shielding Paint

Anyone with some DIY experience can successfully apply shielding paint. However, it’s important to understand and carefully follow each stage. 

Stage One – Grounding the Paint

EMF shielding paint is conductive. For safety, you will first of all need to ground the paint. To do this, you will need to install an EMF paint grounding kit.

It’s a good idea to ask a qualified electrician to install this. He or she will be able to check that your socket is working safely and that the wall has been safely grounded.

Stage Two – Apply the Primer

To make sure that the shielding paint adheres successfully, you need to use a specialist primer. You can apply the primer to all surfaces, including the walls, ceiling, and doors.

Stage Three – Paint the Room

Before painting the room, be sure to tape off all electrical outlets and light fixtures. Also, shut off the electricity supply to the room for safety.

Then you are ready to thoroughly stir the paint, and start to apply it to all surfaces. 

Stage Four – Fix the Grounding Tape

After the first coat, apply grounding tape above the baseboards. Extend this up to the ceiling in one corner, and fix the tape all the way around the ceiling. 

Finally, fix one piece of grounding tape from the baseboard up to the spot where you will fix the grounding plate. This ensures that the whole room is grounded.  

Stage Five – The Final Coats

Now you can apply the final coats of shielding paint. Paint over all surfaces, including over the grounding tape. The more coats you apply, the greater the level of protection you will achieve.

You can now fix the grounding plate in place. Apply a final coat of primer, and you are ready to add any color of your choice.

Stock up on Shielding Paint Today!

Shielding paint allows you to provide an awesome level of EMF protection for your home. You can make it a true EMF-free sanctuary, and help everyone experience better health.

At EMF Protection, we specialize in helping you reduce your exposure to EMFs. We have a huge range of EMF shielding products, from clothing to paint and everything in between.

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