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EMF Shielding Fabric

Our range of our own EMF Protection fabrics have been in development for many years.  They are tried and tested by ourselves and the many hundreds of clients we are connected with. Here, you can find EMF shielding fabrics for windows, cell phone radiation, EMF shielding clothing, bed canopies and more. Buy with confidence from the people who use their own products.

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Which EMF-Blocking Fabric Should I Choose?

The windows of your home will most likely be where the majority of EMF radiation gets in.  Therefore, your exterior windows are the best place to start. Simply establish the type of electromagnetic radiation you need to shield against. This can be done by measuring the EMF levels using a detector, such as a Trifield TF2 or our very own FM5 5G Monitor. This will allow you to recognize the type of high-frequency radiation you are shielding from. Once you have done this, you will be able to identify which type of fabric will be best for you. More information about each fabric can be found on each product page, including shielding reports.

Does EMF Shielding Fabric Work?

Yes, our fabrics have been tried and tested against various types and levels of electromagnetic radiation. The level of shielding success you receive depends on which fabric you choose, and what the severity of radiation is in your surroundings. That is why it is vital you do the research and analysis before making any commitment to a specific type of material. We have many videos on our YouTube channel showing how effective our fabrics are, and comparing the fabrics to help you make your decision. You can view our ‘Fabrics’ video playlist here.
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