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Whole house emf protection.

Whole house emf protection.

The only real way to achieve whole house emf protection is to install emf shielding against ALL the emf intrusion points.

EMF protection Pendant

You cannot at this point be secure with any form of friendly signal override device, such as an emf protection pendant.  Now there is significant scientific evidence that exposure to emf is dangerous.  The World Health organisation classifies emf in the form of radio frequency from cell towers and mobile phones as a class B2 carcinogen.  This evidence has arisen despite the best efforts of the major suppliers in this industry.  Who have been spending significant amounts of cash on falsification.  Bent on convincing the great unwashed that their technology is not only wonderful (which mostly it is) but safe (which it clearly isn’t).


The real health picture like that of tobacco, asbestos, and booze will likely take some time to emerge. In the meantime considering your family safe because you have spent a couple of hundred pounds or dollars on an emf pendant or a gadget you plug in the socket or wear around your neck is at best foolish and many would say irresponsible.

If you want whole house emf protection you’re going to need to commit time and money.  Once you have settled in your heart and mind that your ready to do that we can help.

It will involve first measuring your home environment with an emf detector.  An EMF detector  will enable you to establish where the dangerous levels of emf are getting in.  Only then can you provide your family with the best emf protection.  I would suggest using an acoustimeter. This offers electrical readings and audio that will allow you to determine exactly what type of emf you have to deal with. Then you can establish what it is you need to remove this biologically active poison.

Help’s available

Then having interpreted the type of emf you have.  You can choose from our range of emf blocking paint, our emf protection fabric, or emf protection window film and get to work.  Good luck with your whole house emf protection project.  We will, of course, be here to help.

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