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The FM5: Our 5G Radiation Meter

The worlds first affordable handheld 5G millimetre wave monitor.


5G enabled cell sites and towers in US


Cities in US currently covered by 5G

3 Billion

5G subcriptions forecast for 2025

Our FM5 5G Radiation Meter


The rollout of 5G networks has been a cause for concern across the world, with 5G signals operating at higher frequencies than any consumer grade EMF meter can detect. Recognising a clear gap in the market, we have spent several years developing a true 5G monitor, the FM5 Path, which is designed measure all of the current 5G rollouts. This is built to be a handheld monitor at an affordable price point, allowing all of those who are concerned about 5G to precisely measure their exposure.

  1. The world’s first handheld 5G millimetre wave monitor.
  2. Future-proof, with an upgradeable antenna.
  3. Lowest cost to entry in the market.

Technical specifications

  • The worlds first and only sensitive hand held affordable 5G millimetre wave monitor.
  • Second antenna slot upgradeable for future mm wave technology.
  • Quick response time measurements taken thousands of times per second.
  • Peak and maximum signal strength shown on LED screen.
  • Directional antenna enables highly accurate HF screening.
  • Detects Cell towers inc mm wave 5G Cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, Wifi, IOT etc.
  • Audio speakers allow signal identity and direction tracing.
  • 2 year back to base warranty.
  • Low frequency module frequency range 1 MHz to 10 Ghz
  • Low freq. sensitivity 1uW/m2 to >100k uW/m2
  • High frequency range 24 GHz to 32 Ghz.
  • High freq. sensitivity 30uW/m2 to >100k uW/m2.
  • Audio range 40Hz to 16kHz.
  • Power draw approx. 50mA on low freq. module.
  • Approx. 200mA on high freq. module.
  • Power source: 9V battery, battery life is dependent on battery quality but more so which module you use; the mm wave module is 400% more battery hungry than the low frequency module.
  • Size (mm): 139.53 x 82.21 x 26.69 (L x W x D).
  • Internal loudspeaker with volume control.

What Does The FM5 Measure?

A 5G meter will measure radiofrequency radiation, or RF waves, in a specific area.

Much of the mobile networks offered in America at the moment as 5G are in fact better described as 4.5G, and will be detectable on standard EMF meters that can measure RF signals up to 10GHz. However, future 5G signals will be between the frequency range 24GHz and 32Ghz and will require a specialist 5G meter to detect.

While the health risks of 5G networks are yet to be determined, non-ionising EMF radiation has been linked to numerous adverse health effects over the years, such as insomnia and migraines, alongside more serious issues. Once true 5G has rolled out the only method to detect it will be with a monitor that specifically covers the higher frequencies.

Be Ready For 5G

As 5G signals are further rolled out worldwide, many are looking to monitor the levels of this new EMF radiation within their home, workplace, or local area. The FM5 can form an essential part of an 5G shielding project, the only affordable way to measure 5G.

20 Years Experience

EMF Protection has nearly 20 years of experience selling EMF detection and blocking products, earning a stellar reputation due to our careful product testing, our commitment to raising awareness about EMF and 5G, and our emphasis on great customer service.

The Only True Handheld 5G Monitor

We sell the world’s first affordable handheld 5G monitor, with a future-proofed replaceable antenna.

Our products can be delivered across the USA in two working days.

What is 5G Radiation?

What is 5G?

5G is an umbrella term for fifth-generation cellular networks, designed to offer higher speeds and allow more devices like cell phones and smart cars to connect to a base station at once.

Should You Be Worried About 5G?

5G is part of a broad spectrum of EMF radiation, which has been a cause of concern in recent decades coinciding with the rise in wireless technology. Many are especially concerned as 5G is operating at a higher frequency than previous generations of mobile technology.

How Can You Benefit From the FM5?

The FM5 can be used to identify and measure any 5G signals around you. This can help you to determine the presence and strength of 5G frequencies, and as the basis of an EMF shielding project.

Who Needs the FM5?

EMF radiation has been linked to a variety of health issues, including insomnia, migraines, and memory loss. With true 5G on the horizon, many are concerned about the untested long-term impacts on their health from exposure to newer high-frequency emissions. 

Whether you are already experiencing EMF-related sickness or are looking to prepare your living space for future 5G radiation, the FM5 is the only affordable handheld meter to measure all 5G signals. This will be a crucial aspect of any current or future EMF protection plan.

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How to Measure 5G

Why You Should Choose EMF Protection

For nearly 20 years EMF Protection has offered a huge range of equipment, fabrics, paint, and clothing, intended to monitor and limit the levels of EMF in our daily lives. We understand the importance of quality within this industry, offering demonstrable products that either accurately record EMF radiation or limit levels of exposure within your home and beyond.

With the rollout of 5G, we have worked to create the FM5, a product we believe is in a class of its own within the industry. We prioritise excellent customer service, offering prompt 48-hour deliveries and a fair returns policy. If you have any questions about our FM5 5G monitor, contact a member of our team.

If you’d like to keep up to date with our company and the latest EMF developments, we have a newsletter available through our website.

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