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BlocSilver® EMF Protection Fabric 150cm (59″) Wide

BlocSilver® 5G EMF Protection Fabric is a light and breathable conductive material that offers EMF shielding for a wide range of applications, such as shielded garments, curtain lining, and linen. It is a 5G blocking fabric that provides shielding with a maximum 56dB at 900 MHz GSM and a minimum 36dB at 40GHz. If you’re trying to protect your environment from the effects of Wi-Fi radiation, BlocSilver® achieves amazing EMF blocking capabilities.

As with all silver coated fabrics, extreme sunlight exposure will cause deterioration.




This fabric is 150cm wide and it is cut as a continuous length.

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If you are looking for a fabric that blocks 5G and other types of EMF, BlocSilver® is a fantastic EMF shielding fabric. You can use it to shield from EMFs when surrounded by networks as it also blocks digital TV, DECT, Wi-Max, 3G, 4G, 5G, and other wireless applications. It offers high RF shielding and EMF protection – Attenuation: 10MHz – 40GHz 36-56dB. As it is made of 100% silver fiber it also makes it an antibacterial fabric, adding another layer of protection.

It is perfect for shielding windows and walls, great for lining hats and clothing or draped over the bed. This EMF blocking fabric can be sewn and washed on low heat and, since it is extremely breathable, it is ideal for hot climates. All you need to know about BlocSilver® here.

BlocSilver® 5G EMF radiation protection fabric is 150cm wide and weighs 34g per square meter.  It is cut as a continuous length so if you need longer lengths you must add more quantities to your basket.


20% double-coated Silver, 80% Nylon.

5G Blocking Fabric

BlocSilver® 5G EMF protection fabric provides 34dB of shielding at 40GHz!

BlocSilver® EMF Fabric Washing Instructions | Washability Test

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