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WiFi shield

A Beginner’s Guide to the WiFi Shield

Most of us living on planet earth have become accustomed to the convenience of using electronic devices in our everyday lives. In fact, 90 percent of the global populace relies on electricity.

However, far fewer of us understand the many potential health risks posed by our constant exposure to electric gadgets and the EMFs they radiate. EMF avoidance is a modern necessity for moving safely through the world.

Fortunately, there are products available that can provide real EMF protection. One effective solution is a wifi shield (commonly known as an EMF shield).

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about wifi shielding and why more people need to make EMF protection a central part of their daily routines.

What Are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields. They produce radiation by moving electrical waves, or signals, through space. These EMF waves transmit between electronic devices and form an artificial electromagnetic field.

Because our world relies on electric devices, we are constantly surrounded by silent, invisible EMF levels in the home and workplace.

Cell phones, power lines, microwaves, computers, and wifi routers all produce EMFs. Wherever 

Why Is EMF Protection Necessary?

Electromagnetic fields do exist naturally in the world. However, these natural EMFs are low-intensity, unlike artificial EMFs.

In addition, many of the processes that occur inside our bodies are regulated by bioelectrical signals. Every cell inside the human body has the potential to possess its very own electromagnetic field.

Because the artificial EMFs created by technological devices are much more intense than natural EMFs, experts are concerned about their potential health risks.

Health Risks Associated With EMFs

When high-intensity artificial electromagnetic fields enter the body, they can interfere with the body’s natural processes.

Therefore, EMFs can potentially interfere with any system in the body. This is why wifi protection (EMF protection) is so important.

Exposure to Carcinogens

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies certain EMF levels as possible human carcinogens. The types of EMFs this classification refers to include smart devices like cellphones and tablets.

The study found a possible link between a type of brain cancer called glioma and radiation. While there is a potential risk of cancer due to EMFs, the scientific community continues to research and monitor these links.

Risk of Leukemia

In a recent study, researchers found that people exposed to a high level of low-frequency EMFs over a long period experienced a higher risk of developing adult leukemia—particularly acute myeloid leukemia.

Neurological and Mental Health Problems

Over two dozen studies suggest that low-frequency EMFs may cause neurological issues in some people. Their continued research suggests long-term exposure could damage cognitive ability in ways similar to Alzheimer’s. 

What Does a Wifi Shield Do?

The wifi shield (EMF shield) is one of the most secure ways to protect yourself from EMFs. While other forms of EMF protection reduce heat and discomfort, these shields prevent EMF radiation from entering the body.

In fact, when you place an EMF wifi shield between your body and your electronic devices, they actually force the radiation away from your body.

Still, not all forms of wifi shielding are created equally. It is essential to do your research before selecting the best wifi shield for you.

Types of Wifi Shielding and EMF Protection

There are many different types of effective EMF shields. Which ones work best for you will depend on how much electromagnetic frequency radiation you encounter in your daily environments.

EMF Detectors

The way to find out how much EMF exposure exists in your environment is to use an EMF detector. EMF meters and detectors measure the types of electromagnetic fields produced by manufactured electric devices.

EMF Clothing

Those serious about EMF protection understand that EMF protective clothing is essential to life in the modern age. Wherever we go, we come into contact with other people’s wireless devices and EMFs.

With EMF protective clothing, you can live a healthier life. These protective garments reduce the amount of EMFs that reach your skin and organs.

Just throw on an EMF protection hat or anti-radiation sweatshirt, and you can breathe easy knowing you’re protected at home, work, and even on the road.

EMF Fabrics

EMF protective fabrics reduce the amount of EMF radiation that enters your home. Since most of these electromagnetic fields gain access to the house through the windows, many people use EMF fabrics for window treatments.

Other uses for EMF protective fabrics include clothing, bed canopies, room dividers, and more. The first step in determining the type of EMF fabric you need is to measure the EMF levels in your home with your EMF detector.

EMF Paint

Another effective way to protect your home from electromagnetic radiation is by using EMF shielding paint. It can protect against wifi, 5G, and any other wireless signal.

EMF paint combines graphite and carbon particles, which are conductive. You’ll need to ground it first. Once it’s grounded, you can use it on your walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, and any other paintable surface.

Due to its composition, EMF paint is usually black. But once it dries, you can paint over it with any color of your choice.

In fact, EMF paint is designed for a layered application. The more layers you paint, the better your home will be protected from EMF waves.

Get the EMF Protection Equipment You Need

With more and more electronic gadgets on the market daily, EMF protection is more critical now than ever. A wifi shield is one of the most effective solutions for protection against harmful electromagnetic fields.

For a wide selection of tried and tested EMF protective tools, entrust your family’s safety to EMF Protection Ltd. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality wifi shields and EMF protective solutions today.