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Faraday EMF & RFID Blocking Bags

Our all new range of EMF & RFID shielding bags are now available! Carry your phone, laptop and car key fob inside these bags to stay protected from the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices. Lined with silver faraday material, these bags will also prevent thieves from stealing your data, or even stealing your car!

phone and laptop

What Are The Health Benefits Of Owning A Faraday Bag?

These bags are made out of EMF shielding material that acts as a faraday cage that blocks any radiation from leaving the bag when zipped up/drawn. This makes safe to carry wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, without having to worry about the potential health affects that come with being in the proximity of electronics. Contrary to many other EMF shielding or faraday bags on the market today, our bags are designed to fit ALL of your belongings – not just a phone and a key, which creates a practical solution for this ongoing electromagnetic radiation crisis.

What is RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, and is the technology used in things such as credit cards, mobile phones and car key fobs to uniquely identify them, and transfer data wirelessly. Thieves can use devices that interact with the RFID chips inside of these objects, and steal the information from them like credit card details.
A more well-known issue associated with RFID is car theft. This method is carried out using a ‘relay device’, that practically clones your car key when nearby, allowing thieves access to your vehicle and the ability to drive it away, never to be seen again. This process can take as little as 30 seconds. This is only something to worry about if you car has keyless entry, which is found in most modern cars.
car thief

How Do I Prevent RFID Theft From Happening?

Simple! Instead of keeping your car key fob on a hook next to your front door, place it in one of our Faraday Bags and zip it up. Doing this will prevent thieves from detecting the key and stealing your pride and joy. Also, keeping your credit card in the bag will eliminate the risk of criminals gaining access to the information they desire. Don’t take the risk – buy one of our Faraday Bags today. Watch the video below for more information, and to see how quickly these thieves can take your car from your driveway.