EMF Protective Clothing

EMF protective clothing is designed to shield you from electromagnetic radiation when you are on the go. By wearing an EMF protection hoodie, T-shirt or anti-radiation hat you can reduce your exposure to EMFs. We offer a range of EMF shielding clothing for all the family which has been designed and manufactured in our UK-based facilities and tested to keep you safe!

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  • Sale! Freedom EMF Protection Beanie
    BlocWave® Freedom EMF Protection Beanie
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  • EMF Protection Hoodie BlocWave™ FlexiBloc for Men
    EMF Protection Hoodie BlocWave® FlexiBloc for Men
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  • Sale! BlocWave™ EMF Hoodie Mens
    BlocWave® EMF Protection Hoodie for Men
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  • EMF Protection Leggings BlocWave™ FlexiBloc for Women
    EMF Protection Leggings BlocWave® FlexiBloc for Women
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  • Sale! BlocWave Womens EMF Protective Hoodie
    BlocWave® EMF Protection Hoodie for Women
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  • EMF Shielding Hoodie
    EMF Shielding Hoodie BlocWave® FlexiBloc Womens
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  • Blocwave™ EMF Protection Snood
    BlocWave® Flexibloc EMF Protection Snood & Face Covering
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  • EMF blocking shorts for men
    EMF Blocking Shorts BlocWave® Flexibloc for Men
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  • Anti-Radiation T-Shirt for Men
    Anti-Radiation T-Shirt for Men
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  • Sale! EMF Shielding Leggings
    BlocWave® EMF Shielding Leggings for Women
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  • EMF Blocking Hoodie BlocWave™ Flexibloc for Kids
    EMF Blocking Hoodie BlocWave® Flexibloc for Kids
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  • Sale! BlocWave™ EMF T-Shirt Bright Pink
    BlocWave® EMF T-Shirt Unisex
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