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More and more people are choosing Blocsock for cell phone emf protection as their way out of what many are calling the greatest health gamble mankind has ever taken as more evidence seems to appear daily regarding the emotive debate as to whether cell phones are responsible for increasing brain cancer trends.

Wireless communication devices (WCDS) emit microwave radiation from their antenna and emf’s from the body of the phone Blocsock is the only product on the market that offers complete cell phone emf protection from both of your (WCDS) emissions by using blocsock’s unique (high frequency and near electric field shielding fabric) (WCDS) radiation and cell phone emf protection system to completely cover both the (WCDS) body and antenna.

In my opinion if you are going to hold a (WCDS) to your head then complete (WCDS) shield is essential and stick on devices that claim to dissipate the heating effect or turn the microwave radiation from your phone into some kind of benign force should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

Blocsock looks and feels like a normal handset pouch so carry your phone around in it as usual to protect the handset itself, then when you need to use it take or make the call then place the handset back in the sock and hold it to your head with all the radiation shielded by 96% but the call proceeds as normal.

My clients enjoy peace of mind thanks to Blocsock’s intensive SAR testing by RFI Global Services one of the wireless industry’s biggest safety testing houses who measured a Blackberry’s Specific Absorption Rate (the way governments rate a cell phone’s safety) at a whopping 0.805 without protection but found it to be down to 0.032 when used in a Blocsock.

(WCDS) need to be treated with respect until more health research on them is carried out, take my advice, you should text or use the loud speaker held away from the body whenever possible, but I accept sometimes you just have to have that urgent private call but before you clamp that handset to your head, put a sock on it!

Finally if you’re still unsure if Blocsock should be your chosen method of ensuring safe (WCDS) use, then be assured all Blocsocks come with a money back guarantee try it and love it, like most people or if not send it back undamaged (don’t worry about the packaging) for a complete refund.

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