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FM5 Path 5G Monitor


How it works in practice

How it works in practice

There are two versions of the FM5 Path: The FM5 Path Basic and the FM5 Path Complete. Both variants come with the 100MHz to 10GHz antennae as standard, but the Path Complete comes with all that the FM5 Path Basic offers, complete with the antenna to measure the millimetre wave at the time you buy it, both path and complete -monitors have an upgradeable antennae slot to continue to measure as the technology develops, allowing you to upgrade your FM5 Path in tandem with technology.

So, in essence, even with the FM5 Path Basic, you will have the option to purchase the millimetre wave antenna at a later date if you don’t feel ready for the Complete for any reason. This will enable you to always have the capability to measure (and shield) the wireless technology of the day.

If you choose the rental option, for a small monthly fee, you will receive automatic upgrades.

Like many of us, you are concerned about the rollout of 5G technology. Let us have a look at whether you should be concerned, and if so, how you can monitor the new 5G signals and ensure that these are not a problem for you and your family.

The 5G mobile connectivity that is available now in most places is what the industry refers to as 4.5G. It is deployed in a comparable way to 2g, 3g and 4g. Most high frequency EMF monitors, including our own FM5 Path Basic, will measure these signals as they are all below 10GHz, and are of the type that we have been monitoring for the last 20 years or so. However, the emerging 5G connectivity to support technology such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and much more, requires a high-speed internet connectivity which has introduced a new form of wireless signal now known as the millimetre wave. This signal emits new and different forms of microwave radiation and needs a new monitor to read it.

Until now, it has not been possible with a handheld EMF monitor to measure millimetre wave 5G. Fortunately after almost 2 years of development with our UK partner, we at EMF protection have succeeded in producing the FM5 Path and FM5 Complete, which have the ability not just to measure all the old wireless technologies, but the signal range that covers the ongoing 5G millimetre wave roll out at the time of purchase. The FM5 Path is called the FM5 “Path” because unlike any other HF monitor available today it has a future path antenna slot available. This allows for an upgradeable measurement capability alongside the industry’s technology path, as new signals are deployed in the future. Enabling you to upgrade your scalable HF EMF monitor to the relevant frequency antennae. Thus, the FM5 Path makes older static style EMF monitors redundant.

Frequently asked questions to help you

5G is a revolutionary advance in wireless communications allowing the type of scenario in this image.

The FM5 Path (complete) is the only monitor on the market today that measures upto 32GHz.

The FM5 Path is also the only monitor on the market today that has an upgradeable path to the networks planned higher frequencies that will inevitably be rolled out in the future.

In order to measure all aspects of network radio frequency radiation you must have a monitor that covers all of the frequencies present in the environment.  The FM5 Path has this capability and the capacity to upgrade existing units as the network technology evolves in the years to come.

We are working to minimise the lapse between order and delivery but cannot give specifics due to demand outstripping production.  We recommend you order at your earliest convenience to stake your place in the queue and avoid further delay.

Yes  for 2 years subject to terms and conditions.

To help you into the EMF monitoring world we have made these two options available.  The entry level basic is significantly less expensive than the complete but doesn’t come fitted with the mm wave antenna but does have the technology to upgrade to a complete which allows you to measure the mm wave.

Sorry, no you can only send the FM5 back if arrives faulty.

2G,3G,4G,4.5G(med band5G)networks and phones plus tetra. Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5GHz) Cordless phones, Smart Meters, Baby Monitors, Any internet enabled domestic appliance, wireless vehicle applications and much more.

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