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Is Wifi Dangerous To Health?




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What is wireless radiation? 

Well, its just one of the ways we refer to an unnatural environmental pollution that powers our modern world, other terms you might hear it referred to are EMF (electromagnetic frequency) EMP (electromagnetic pollution) RF (radio frequency) or to give it its full scientific title low-level none ionizing pulsed microwave radiation.  Whatever you call it those that sell it will tell you its safe, those that have looked at potential biological health effects from an independent viewpoint will claim anything from we need more research to establish if this man made emission is dangerous or not to we are witnessing the worlds biggest unmanned health experiment and it will affect the whole population and kill many millions of humanity.

Our advice is until we know more about the health effects of exposing the human body to EMF or EMP we should take a precautionary attitude towards it.  This site and its products are focussed on this, helping you to achieve our ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) exposure levels for you and your family to all forms of RF (radio frequency).  Let radio waves power your devices, not you.

How do I protect myself from Wi-Fi emf?

More and more people are asking the question how do I protect myself from Wi-Fi emf. Fourteen years ago in 2004  when I first ventured into the world of emf protection Wi-Fi domestic WiFi was unheard of.  Nowadays (2019) the applications running on Wi-Fi are growing at an exponential rate.  WiFi use, in fact, is probably one of the few things outstripping an almost exponential rise in certain illnesses.

Rising disease levels correlate with rising EMF.

Disease such as ME, CFS, Cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and AF are racing along almost in tandem with rising emf in our environment.  To be honest I’m not in the least bit surprised.  The wireless industry has been left to police itself.  Therefore to decide based on profit, not health what are the safe levels that humans can be exposed to.  It might be an idea to do our own research.

Now, you’ve done your research and discovered how right you were to ask the question how do I protect myself from WiFi emf?  Well, it’s not as easy as you might think. WiFi routers are designed to penetrate walls, floors, ceilings.  Modern wifi routers are even taught how to circumnavigate obstructions they can’t penetrate with their signal.  The new generation of five GHz routers is especially difficult to shield or stop.

Get to work on WiFi emf protection

Come on I hear you say, how do I protect myself from WiFi emf?.  Follow these simple basic guidelines.  First of all get yourself a good solid reliable and easy to use emf monitor.  My favorite is the Acoustimeter from EMFields but if your budget won’t extend to one of those then a good second choice is the Acousticom from the same trusted manufacturer.  Turn off all of your own wireless technology and turn the monitor on, you will be surprised I imagine.  Your monitor will show you overall levels of emf in your environment.  You need to lower all of them to an acceptable level.

On to the shielding project.  Just use common sense take your monitor and a piece of tin foil.  Where the meter reads high to move the foil around it until it reduces then you have the direction you need to shield against.

EMF Protection products

In our product range you will find a range of products that offer emf protection from wireless emf emitted from WiFi, cell towers, DECT, smart meters, Tetra etc..  Below are links to them.  I suggest you find a time-space in your diary and study the available products.  Then and only then decide which solution works for you.  Remember the most important environment to minimize emf exposure in, is your bedroom.  Also remember as you read this article, its an introductory to shielding Wi-Fi.  I strongly recommend you browse the rest of this site to learn more on emf safety.

EMF Protection product links.

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