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The EMF Health Academy

A community of people coming together to live well in an electromagnetic world

Develop EMF expertise to detect & mitigate the biological effects of EMFs

– For both practitioners and individuals

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Discover how to integrate EMF knowledge into your life & business for a truly holistic approach in this electromagnetic world

Are you one (or all) of the following? 

  • Aware of the dangers we face from the rollout of pervasive wireless technology and want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential harmful effects.
  • A health practitioner wanting to expand your expertise in environmental toxins and provide a fully holistic practice that addresses the potential impacts of wireless technology and other environmental factors.
  • Aware of electro-sensitivity (ES) and ready to embark on a career in holistic care.
  • Passionate about natural health and wellness and are eager to learn a new skill that can make a positive impact on people’s lives.


If so, this could be a life-changing opportunity for you, your family, and your clients…

Here are some of the positive effects of mitigating exposure to EMFs:
  • Better sleep
  • Feel more refreshed & energized
  • Experience less headaches 
  • Feel calmer & more relaxed  
  • Able to concentrate better 
  • Experience significant improvements in health & wellbeing 

Why get trained in EMF detection & mitigation?

Approximately 97% of individuals are continuously surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by various sources, such as WiFi routers, smartphones, Bluetooth gadgets, powerlines in close proximity to our residences, cell phone towers, and the electrical pollution hidden within our walls. 

Numerous studies have verified that this unseen toxin is paving the way for an unparalleled global health emergency.

Numerous healthcare practitioners remain oblivious to the seriousness of this situation, but Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt foresaw its significance before others. He emphasized that evaluating EMF exposure was an essential component of his treatment methods. If patients exhibited high levels of EMF exposure and were unwilling to minimize or mitigate it, Dr. Klinghardt would decline to treat them. He firmly believed that individuals with compromised immune systems, regardless of the effectiveness of their treatments, would not experience relief or complete recovery unless they safeguarded themselves against EMF radiation.

Despite Dr Klinghardt’s work, there has never been formal training available to help Practitioners diagnose ES patients… 


What the EMF Health Academy (HCA) training will equip you to do

The EMF Health Academy will train you to:

  1. Identify symptoms of electro-sensitivity in yourself and loved ones, and develop strategies to live more healthily in the modern electromagnetic world.
  2. For practitioners: Identify symptoms of electro-sensitivity in your patients as early as possible.
  3. Work closely with your patients on a recovery program that includes performing a professional EMF survey and heavy metal detoxification.
  4. Present your findings and provide a practical and achievable EMF mitigation and shielding plan.


You'll join the EHA Community

You will join an online community of individuals and healthcare experts from around the world working together to discover solutions for their own well-being and that of their patients. This is a very exciting opportunity.

We are hoping to grow to an inclusive and compassionate community — guided by EMF health experts — of individuals and professionals from diverse fields who are committed to helping people live healthier in the modern wireless world.

Join us in pioneering this groundbreaking and progressive movement…

Why you can trust the EMF Health Academy

A personal message from Glynn Hughes (founder of EMF Protection)

After nearly 20 years of sounding the alarm, my wife, Esther, and I are 100% committed to raising awareness of these extremely critical issues and their impact with as many practitioners and industry sectors as possible.

Like Dr Klinghardt, we believe it is impossible for practitioners to holistically treat their patients in today’s world without addressing EMF radiation. 

And so, we are excited to be offering what, until now, has been lacking… 

  1. An in-depth EMF training program and EMF survey certification covering the whole concept of EMF health.
  2. A national/global network of professionals who understand EMFs to some degree and are experts in other fields, such as nutrition, heavy metals, exercise and emotional healing.

Most people can take readings of EMF levels – but it is what you do with the readings that can make a good survey and a major difference to people’s health.

When you research EMFs, you can find all sorts of gimmicks, questionable information on this complex topic, and training programs that are more about making money than focusing on health.

The EMF Health Academy is different, and here is why…

After almost 20 years in this business – and as electrosensitive individuals ourselves – Esther and I have in-depth knowledge of both the technical and personal aspects. 

You can read more about our story here.

We have had contact with over 10,000 customers and are committed to serving with compassion, integrity and great kindness, as you can read from the testimonials above.

(We share these reviews not to brag but to demonstrate the type of community we are seeking to build.)

Professional EMF Certification (following an additional optional short module – UK-based)

Upon successful completion of this program, you will have the option to do a further short certification module (UK-based). After this, you will be able to conduct EMF surveys in the residences and workplaces of your clients/patients.

You will learn how to take measurements in sleeping areas for power, low-frequency electric and magnetic fields, dirty electricity (electrical pollution that is biologically active) and high-frequency (RF) fields. Once you have determined the presence and levels of these fields, you can collaborate with your clients to develop a comprehensive plan which aims to minimize exposure and create a sleeping environment that is as free from EMFs as possible.

The course in more detail

Why we need to act NOW

Since 2020, there has been a huge shift in public opinion and awareness concerning the unseen health threat EMFs pose. This awakening is crucial for the well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, patients, and people worldwide.

Put simply, the current public safety standards and limits are excessively high, and the health risks are clear.

In 2011, the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer categorized wireless radiofrequency as a ‘Possible Human Carcinogen.’ However, the existing public safety limits do not adequately safeguard public health against long-term exposure to very low-intensity radiation.

In regard to the use of wireless devices alone, immediate precautionary measures are vital to avert a global surge in brain tumors.

Concerning the most vulnerable among us, the Bioinitiative Report (2012) concluded that “The balance of evidence suggests that childhood leukemia is associated with exposure to power frequency EMFs either during early life or pregnancy.”

Despite the evident health risks, most governments display a lack of interest in reviewing the data and taking the necessary measures to protect their citizens.

It is up to us, the people!

It is now time to drive this highly urgent matter to the forefront.

As healthcare professionals and advocates, we must raise awareness about the health hazards and effectively manage excessive exposure to ensure optimal well-being for everyone.

And we must act now – for the sake of our children and future generations…

“All this happens at levels of radiation that our governments and the cell phone companies tell us are safe because the radiation is too weak to cause significant heating. This is the only criterion that they use to assess safety. In fact, the direct electrical effect on our cells, organs and tissues do far more damage at to us at energy levels that may be hundreds or thousands of times lower than those that cause significant heating. These are termed non-thermal effects and our governments are doing nothing to protect us from them.”
Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy