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Dirty Electricity comes about as a result of modern technology. Dirty Electricity is the erratic spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy traveling through power lines and electrical wiring where only 50 to 60 Hz AC electricity should be present. Dirty Electricity can come from electronics and electrical appliances that convert alternating current into direct current. These devices include computers, televisions, low-energy light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, phone chargers and dimmer switches. The devices we plug interrupt the supply and therefore creates a vibration on it and forms into a frequency that transmits the electromagnetic fields on our electrical wiring.

How do Dirty Electricity Filters work?

The sine wave that used to be smooth is sent thru the filter and the filter takes out the agitation and sends back the sine wave clean again. If you place enough dirty electricity filters around your home or office environment you can actually reduce the level of dirty electricity.

Test your Dirty Electricity Filters

Dirty electricity can tamper with the correct functioning of sensitive electrical equipment. In addition, it emits electromagnetic fields (EMF) that could lead to a wide range of health issues. The more dirty electricity on your wiring, the more EMF in your surroundings. Try the EMI monitor with and without your filters to test the difference they make.

Installing Dirty Electricity Filters

Install dirty electricity filters around the house and areas where you spend most of your time. Simply plug the filters around your home or office.  It would be useful to hire or purchase a dirty electricity line monitor to see how much dirty electricity is present on nearby wiring.