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BlocCopper™ EMF Shielding Fabric

BlocCopper is a solid weave EMF protection fabric. It is one of the strongest shielding fabrics we sell with the trade-off of not being breathable. This makes it ideal for underfloor protection as well as curtain lining and under bed protection.


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BlocCopper – Copper and Polyester RFID Shielding Conductive Fabric for Electric Fields and High-Frequency Radiation Protection

Due to its high level of conductivity, it is ideal for grounding and discharging low electric fields from house wiring and electrical appliances, very robust and hard wearing and will not fade. Provides the highest level of radiation shielding by reducing and blocking emissions from cell towers, smart meters, wifi routers, next-generation technology and all wireless devices. Can also be used to line wallets and pockets to protect valuables since it also blocks RFID scanning. Other uses include lining curtains, bed mats in tandem with a canopy to create a Faraday cage and under carpets to provide underfloor protection.

Attenuation: 85 dB from 30MHz-18GHz

108cm Wide
The fabric is 108cm wide and it is cut as a continuous length. Please note that if you need longer lengths you must add more quantities to your basket

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