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EMF Protection Leggings BlocWave® FlexiBloc for Women (clearance)

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The EMF Protection Leggings BlocWave® Flexibloc for women protect your body against EMFs whilst retaining effortless style. These EMF protection leggings shield the body from a range of radiation exposure between 30kHz to 10GHz up to 99% reduction. They are made from 35% cotton so the EMF shielding clothing is as comfortable as regular leggings.

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US 4 Hips 33", UK 6 Hips 34", US 4 Hips 35", US 6 Hips 37", US 8 Hips 39", US 10 Hips 41", US 12 Hips 43", US 14 Hips 46"