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NEW Organic Anti-Radiation T-Shirt for Men (clearance)


The Anti-radiation EMF Shielding T-Shirt for Men has a particularly easy-care quality. EMF blocking clothing shields the body from exposure to a range of radiation frequencies, from 30 kHz to 3 GHz, with up to 75% reduction. Its 2% pure silver content for electromagnetic protection also serves as a natural bacterial deterrent.

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Black, White


XXXS Chest 30-32" 76-81cm, XXS Chest 32-34" 81-86cm, XS Chest 34-36" 86-91cm, S Chest 36-38" 91-96cm, M Chest 38-40" 96-101cm, L Chest 40-42" 101-106cm, XL Chest 40-42" 101-106cm, XXL Chest 42-44" 106-111cm, XXXL Chest 46-48" 116-121cm


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