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Swiss Shield Ultima EMF Shielding Fabric 250cm (98″) Wide

EMF Shielding Fabric Swiss Shield Ultima is an ideal fabric that offers EMF protection for mobile mast radiation, especially for those who are chemically sensitive. As one of the most versatile microwave-shielding fabrics on the market today, Ultima can be used in many different ways such as making net curtains for window shielding, wall hangings, bed sets, canopies, room dividers, etc. It offers great shielding against high-frequency, electromagnetic waves.




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This fabric is 250cm wide and it is cut in one continuous length.

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Ultima is made of cotton, copper, and silver which makes it a non-conductive radio frequency material (PES-coated). It is a high-quality, translucent, lightweight, semi-transparent ­cotton fabric with all textile characteristics. Its yarn is cotton fiber spun with a gossamer-thin 0.02mm silvered copper thread. It is robust and washable, which makes it a perfect fabric that will not only protect you and your family from EMF radiation but will also add a touch of elegance to any room.

Its shielding capability provides 5G protection, so if you’re trying to protect your environment from the effects of Wi-Fi radiation, Swiss Shield Ultima fabric achieves amazing blocking capabilities.

This decorative textile is 250cm wide and weighs 88g per square meter, and it is cut in one continuous length. Please note that for longer lengths you need to add more quantities to your basket. The fabric composition is 82% cotton, 17% copper, 1% silver, and it comes in natural ecru/off-white color with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 Certification.

This fabric is machine washable, but can only be washed up to 40 times. All fabric care instructions are included with the product.

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