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EMF Canopy Grounding Kit Plug B


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Product description

Complete grounding kit for your bed canopy and mat.  We include one basic kit with every canopy purchased.  We recommend addressing your dirty electricity before grounding to prevent feedback on the grounding cable from unwanted transients and dangerous harmonics.  Please read more about dirty electricity and the bundles of filters we offer to clean this here



Although we strongly recommend earthing with a BlocEarth filter, this is not always possible so another option we have available in the US and Canada is to earth with a grounding plug.

Grounding Canopy & Mat Kit includes:

  • Grounding Cable 3.25ft
  • Grounding Screw/Magnetic Plate
  • Grounding Plug

Grounding instructions:

  1. Unscrew plate or pull apart (magnetic) and attach to corner of mat near the socket you wish to ground into.  The central screw will need to pierce the fabric so it is secured with the mat in the centre.
  2. Taking the grounding cable, attach one looped end to the aperture on one side of the grounding plate and using the screwdriver and screw provided, secure the loop.
  3. Taking the other end of the cable in the same way, attach the loop into the aperture of the grounding plug.  There are two channels, choose one.
  4. Plug into socket which does not need to be switched on.

Shielding Report