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Blocanopy Anti EMF Bed-Set


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Swiss Shield

Available in Swiss Shield Ultima & Naturelle.


Product description

The BLOCANOPY EMF-PROTECTIVE BED SET is your best ally in creating a shielding environment for your bedroom. The lightweight fabrics they are made of, protect you from wireless microwave radiation and keep you safe from the effects of electromagnetic pollution while you sleep.

The mattress covers and pillowcases are offered in different sizes and can be washed up to 40 times without losing shielding effectiveness. All the products are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK using the tried and trusted range of Swiss Shield fabrics. The BlocCanopy EMF-Protective bed sets are just like normal flat sheets but made entirely from white fabrics that block microwave radiation and reduce EMF exposure. Its fibers are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye but you can rest assured and sleep comfortable, coddled in this fantastic shielding system.

The BLOCANOPY EMF PROTECTIVE BED SET is available in Swiss Shield Ultima & Naturelle and it is offered in a wide range of bed sizes. If you have a really unusual sized bed just contact us and we can have a custom size made for you.

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