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EMF Blocking Faraday Bed Sheets


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Product description

Our Blocanopy EMF blocking sheets are your best ally in creating a shielding environment for your bedroom. The lightweight fabrics they are made of, protect you from wireless microwave radiation and keep you safe from the effects of electromagnetic pollution while you sleep.

Wide Range of Sizes

The Blocanopy EMF Protective Bed Set is offered in a wide range of bed sizes. The mattress covers and pillowcases are offered in sizes from US Twin to US King. f you have a really unusual-sized bed just contact us and we can have a custom size made for you. The Anti-EMF Bed Sheets can be washed up to 40 times without losing shielding effectiveness. All the products are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK using the tried and trusted range of Swiss Shield fabrics. The Blocanopy EMF-Protective bed sets are just like normal flat sheets but made entirely from white fabric that block microwave radiation and reduce EMF exposure. Its fibers are so small you cannot see them with the naked eye but you can rest assured and sleep comfortably, coddled in this fantastic shielding system.

Shields Your Whole Body

Our faraday bed sheets, bed-set linens, quilt covers, and pillowcases are a great alternative to an EMF Protection bed canopy and bed mat. This is because exposure to ambient radiation from cell towers, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, and smart meters seems to affect the function of the brain.

We usually focus on shielding our heads above all else, when the body’s biggest organ, is its skin and therefore needs more protection from high-frequency radiation. So why not wrap yourself up in our new range of EMF shielding bed linen, and deny access to EMF into your bodies’ immunity, whilst allowing the earth’s natural radiation (Schumann resonance) to enter through the head. Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK using the tried and trusted range of Swiss Shield anti-EMF fabrics, you can rest assured and sleep like a baby, coddled in this fantastic shielding system, separated from the world’s not-so-smart madness.

EMF Mattress Protection

Simply fit the bottom sheet via the elastic securers while you do your mattress protector and pop your quilt inside our EMF bed quilt and pillow covers. Then, for an uninterrupted look and feel, add your own decorative quilt cover and sheet set. Nobody but the ones sleeping in the system will be any the wiser, and when it comes to the time of your holiday or business trip, the bed-sets provide a portable EMF bed shield solution that can travel with you!

Trusted Fabrics

Our EMF blocking sheets are made from Swiss Shield Naturell or Ultima (your choice) EMF shielding fabric (up to 44db shielding) which is non-conductive. The quilt and pillowcases give you the same choice of shielding fabrics and again are simple to use. Just pop your quilt and/or pillow in then add a decorative cover of your choice. Job done, nothing has changed to look at, no airflow restrictive canopy, and suddenly, you’re sleeping and feeling better.

Great Value

The bed set offers great night-time protection, whilst also being around 40% cheaper than an equivalent bed size EMF shielding bed canopy and under bed mat.

Our quilt, sheet, and pillowcases are producing almost miraculous results. In an early trial, a man diagnosed with M.E. has been almost completely freed of his wheelchair after 12 years of reliance upon it, and that’s after just two weeks of sleeping in one of our EMF shielding bed-sets. A lesser miracle is a man of a certain age whose night-time trips to the bathroom were instantly reduced by about 40% after using the faraday bed sheets.

They are based on a simple logic that seems to work on the biggest organ of your body, your skin. So shield as much as possible of it. The most vulnerable organ is the one with the most electrical activity, your heart. Sleeping without a bed-set at night puts your heart in danger of man-made EMF interfering with the natural and vital EMF surrounding this precious organ. When it is in situ, it completely surrounds your body in EMF shielding material, allowing it to play its part in your night-time immune system regeneration.

Shielding Report