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BlocWave™ FlexiBloc EMF Hoodie Mens


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Protects against Wi-Fi & cell phone radiation.

Product description

You want to protect yourself. But you also want to look stylish. This hoodie is the answer. The BlocWave FlexiBloc EMF hoodies help you protect against wireless radiation whilst retaining effortless style. No longer will you be stared at whilst wearing your protective clothing in public. Being enlightened about the dangers of EMF’s will not have to cramp your style. This hoodie is a must-have item if you know the dangers EMFs pose.


44% Silver Fibre, 35% Cotton, 18.4% Polyamide, 2.6% Elastane

The BlocWave Flexibloc EMF hoodie for men is made of our highly effective Flexibloc clothing fabric making it the perfect solution to shield your upper body from EMF radiation. The silver in the fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and it is washable up to 30 times without losing any shielding efficiency if washed on a gentle cycle. They are made in the UK engineered with your health in mind. 

Electrosensitivity sufferers experience astonishing health improvements from microwave radiation shielding clothing.

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