FlexiBloc EMF Hoodie Mens

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You want to protect yourself. But you also want to look stylish. This hoodie is the answer. The BlocWave hoodies help protect against those dangerous EMF’s whilst retaining effortless style. No longer will you be ogled at while wearing your protective clothing in public. Being enlightened to the dangers of EMF’s will not have to cramp your style. This hoody is a must have item if you know the dangers EMF’s pose!

Electrosensitivity sufferers experience astonishing health improvments from microwave radiation shielding clothing!

It’s quite simple really; People living with the allergy of Electro Hyper Sensitivity must use the A. L. A. R. A. rule in everything they do.  A. L. A. R. A. simply means as low as reasonably achievable or even more simply put minimise your exposure to dangerous  microwave radiation form cell towers, Wi-Fi exposure, phone masts emissions and smart meter radiation.

The more of this clothing you wear, often the better the experience, these hoodies on offer from Silverell use this blue chip companies proven silver yarn to protect those who in particular suffer from Electro Hyper Sensitivity (E.H.S.) from Wi-Fi exposure, cell tower radiation and the most recent electrosmog threat of smart meter radiation.

Of course having your hoodie made partially out of silver is not something you do without serious consideration but try just one top and if you are not completely satisfied then as long as the top comes back to me undamaged and in its original packaging I will provide a full refund less post and packing costs, you will almost certainly find you are pleasantly surprised at the results.

I have many clients suffering much less than they used to from Electro Hyper Sensitivity who would not consider living life without their Silverell hoodies in fact many clients cover themselves from head to toe using tops, bottoms, gloves, socks and even balaclavas made using this fantastic silverell yarn as their first line of defence against the seemingly otherwise inescapable modern day blight of electrosmog, but I think the hoodie offers the best value for money, covering the majority of the brain, surrounding the heart and lungs and offering the largest overall amount of skin coverage of all the electrosensitivity protective clothing range I offer and it’s repeatedly scores top marks amongst electrosensitivity community.

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2 reviews for FlexiBloc EMF Hoodie Mens

  1. Astarte

    an absolute must while travelling especially in the airports and on the flights, I no longer get headaches, weakness, the shakes and nausea from electrical pollution while flying.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Very comfy shirt, its good.

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